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6 clothing tips to emphasize your booty

Every woman, regardless of her body, age, and ethnicity, wants to change something in her appearance. Women whom nature made less curvy than they would like to be are no exception. It’s clear that regular workouts can give us the desired curves, but sometimes we can’t wait that long.

Bright Side collected 6 tricks for you to emphasize the perfections of your body and make the desired parts look even more tempting. And don’t miss our bonus hack that all women who like skinny jeans dream of knowing. You’ll find it at the end of the article, enjoy!

6. Emphasize the waistline

To make your booty look magnificent, choose clothes that emphasize your waist. The smaller it seems, the more gorgeous your butt looks. It’s better to avoid shapeless clothing that hides your waistline.

5. An accent on the legs

One of the main laws of fashion goes something like this: If you want your tushie to look bigger, don’t hesitate to show your beautiful legs.

4. Choose pencil and full tulle skirts

Since Christian Dior created his first pencil skirt, it’s become a must-have item in every woman’s closet. It successfully emphasizes all the perfections of the body, and it can make your bottom look really attractive. The advantages of a full tulle skirt are visible for all to see.

3. Make horizontal stripes your best friend

Dresses and skirts with contrasting horizontal stripes are created to make the body look more feminine and elegant. This kind of pattern visually increases the girth of the hips, making your buttocks appear more rounded.

2. Crop tops with skirts or shorts are simply wonderful

A crop top perfectly emphasizes the waist, and denim shorts define all the desired places in the most amazing way. A skater or flared skirt, so fashionable nowadays, will surely attract more than a few glances, thanks to its length and form. It makes your behind appear visually bigger and can help you achieve that coveted hourglass body shape.

1. Close-fitting materials

Dresses, skirts, and jeans made of stretchy material can favorably emphasize all your perfections. Material of this kind tightens the buttocks and makes them more rounded. Add high heels or sandals to your outfit, and no one will be able to tear their gaze away from you.

Bonus: make the waist of your jeans smaller

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