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6 Things Your Inner Stylist Should Say “Yes“ or ”No" to This Winter

No one can keep track of all the fashion trends out there, but nevertheless we all want to look stylish.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at some of the more interesting dos and don'ts of this season's fashions. In knowing these, you'll be able to remain stylish without spending money on a whole new wardrobe.

Yes to simple knitted hats. Choose a classic design with an upturned rim.

No to caps. Now is not the time to be wearing one of these - yet.

Yes to suede boots with thick heels. The pointed tips will give you a hint of seventies elegance.

No to Ugg boots. Everyone's tired of them now.

Yes to slim-fit and supersized puffer jackets. Ones with sinking shoulders are currently the height of fashion.

No to long sheepskin coats. It's time to go for shorter designs.

Yes to nude makeup and gym skin. Your cheekbones and lips can look a little moist, whilst your eyelids should have a glittering sheen to them.

No to contouring. The practice of developing a new appearance every day is gradually going out of fashion.

Yes to elegant things made from velvet in various colors.

A firm no to puffy suits and other clothing items made from down.

Yes to all kinds of scarf: delicate or roughly knitted ones, woolly ones and silk ones.

To all kinds of ridiculous accessories: no, no, and, once again, no.

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