7 Life-Changing Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

There are few things in life more satisfying than leaving the house knowing that your makeup is absolutely on point. Today Bright Side divulges some of the amazing makeup tricks from MakeupAndArtFreak which will transform your morning routine.

1. Lifting downturned eyes

To achieve this look, draw an invisible line that continues on from the outer point of your eyebrow toward the edge of your face. Then draw a second invisible line that continues from your bottom lash line upward. Where the two imaginary lines meet is where you want your eyeliner to be angled toward. Apply eyeliner ONLY from the center of the lashline out, not on the inner eye.

TRICK: Apply some light eye shadow beneath the outer corner of your eye to mask the shadows.

2. Get flawless foundation cover

Use a primer first to mattify the oilier parts of your face. Blend a small amount of foundation onto your face using a sponge, focusing on the T-zone. Apply concealer over any blemishes or redness, using a brush over the top of the foundation. Use a setting powder and brush in order to keep this flawless finish all day!

3. Cover up dark circles

Use a primer and dab under your eyes with your finger. Use a concealer that's a shade lighter than your foundation to highlight the area. Apply the concealer with your finger, blending it out toward your face with a sponge, then gently press some powder into the area with a soft brush. To finish, use a highlighting powder on the cheekbones just below the circles.

4. Make your lips look fuller

Use a lip liner that's close to your natural lip color. Draw around the edges of your lip shape, going slightly further out to make them look bigger. Tilt the pencil sideways slightly, blur inside the line, and then use a brush to blend the pencil into the lips. Take a slightly darker shade of lip liner, and apply to just the outer corners of the lips to add some contouring and increase the fuller look. Finally, take a highlighter and apply to the Cupid's bow and in the center of the lower lip. Use a brush to make sure it's fully blended into the lips.

5. Make your eyes look bigger

Take a lighter shade of eye shadow, and apply under the eyebrow, on the inner corners of the eye, and over the lid. Use a darker, warmer shade in the crease of your eyelid: this makes it look deeper and creates the larger-eyed look. Apply a medium shade just above the crease and just below the lower lash line. Finally, use a light beige eyeliner pencil, and apply it to the waterline of your lower lid. When applying mascara, focus on the outer lashes, angling them outward slightly.

6. Make your lashes appear longer

Apply a dark eyeliner just below the waterline on your upper and lower lash line, focusing on the outer corners. For the first coat, take your mascara brush to the root of your eyelashes, and move it from side to side as you brush upward. For the second coat, just brush upward as usual on the upper eyelashes only. Apply a final coat ONLY to the tips of the eyelashes. To avoid clumps, take a small comb and brush it through the lashes, angling them outward.

7. Get the best winged eyeliner technique

Use an eye pencil to create a base for your liner. Stick closely to the lash line, and keep it thin to begin with. Then go over this line with a blending brush, and gently smudge it. When you get to the wing of the eyeliner, hold a piece of paper to the outer corner of your eye and use this as a guideline to smudge the eyeliner along. Then go over the liner with a black eye shadow, smudging it outward with a brush.

Preview photo credit Tina Pollack
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