7 Main Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

2017 has just begun, but the top designers have already determined what you will be wearing over the next 12 months.

For those who want to know what is going to happen in the fashion industry this year, we at Bright Side have picked 7 great clothing trends that will help you update your wardrobe for the new season.

Ruffles, frills, and lace

Elegance and femininity are back in trend this year. And what could be more feminine than translucent lace dresses, light airy ruffles, and playful frills? Embrace this fashion trend, and don't be afraid to add a touch of frivolity to your look.

Summer prints

Bright floral prints have been hot for several seasons already, and we can see why. After all, such clothing pieces can be worn not only in summer but also in cooler months. A colorful bomber or a skirt with gorgeous floral prints can’t help but cheer you up on a dull rainy day, reminding you that summer is just around the corner.

Sporty chic

Sporty chic, with its universality and simplicity, has always been popular among fashionistas around the world. Just don't forget about some basic rules when choosing this style: do not combine more than three different colors in your outfit, avoid bright logos, and do not overload your look with unnecessary details.

Crop tops

It seems that the trends of the early 2000s have found their way back onto the runway as well as into our wardrobes. A casual crop top or a bra top can be easily mixed and matched with almost anything in your wardrobe, whether it be jeans, a skirt, or shorts.


Perhaps stripes are one of the most important fashion trends this season. So get ready to see this timeless pattern in all sizes and colors on everything from pants to knit dresses and bags. If you want to make your look more feminine and classy, try mixing striped pieces with solid-colored items.


Military-style clothing has become a trend among many people over the last few years. This season, khaki color is widely used for both feminine clothing pieces and for more casual items resembling military uniform.

50 shades of pink

All shades of pink were everywhere on the runway this season. Caramel pink, strawberry pink, dark cherry, fuchsia — choose any of these gorgeous colors and you will be on trend!

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