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8 Body Flaws Celebrities Found an Elegant Way to Hide

“How do they manage to look this good?” is the question we keep asking ourselves when we see some celebrities. It is hard to imagine that these women, just like us, don’t have perfect bodies, and that they need to work on hiding some of their flaws.

Bright Side advises you to not miss your chance to learn the tricks of how to hide the flaws and highlight the advantages of your body.

Wide waist + pretty legs

This body type is also referred to as an “apple.” These women usually have big breasts, but their waist is also the same size. Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears learned how to dress these proportions perfectly. They prefer styles with a higher waist, A-line dresses, and also wrap dresses.

These tricks highlight the advantages of the upper part of the body and steal attention from the lower part. Also, a V-neck also plays a huge part and Kelly Clarkson is a great example of this.

Wide hips + narrow shoulders

In recent years, thousands (if not millions) of girls have wanted to have this kind of body shape. Some were lucky to have a thin waist and round hips from birth, others spend hours in the gym doing squats to highlight their best parts. Kim Kardashian and her sisters made it trendy to focus attention on the huge differences between body parts. However, there are some celebrities that try to even out the body visually. For example, Rihanna chooses the right clothes by following some simple rules: an A-line dress, vertical lines with a gradient, and also skirts that go wider from the waist like the famous white dress of Marilyn Monroe.

Wide shoulders + narrow hips

This type of body is sometimes called a “swimmer” body. The chest is quite wide but the hips are narrow. Gisele Bündchen is probably someone whose taste you can trust when trying to figure this out. She knows exactly how to maintain the balance. What you should use are floor length skirts, and definitely no distinguished shapes when it comes to sleeves. A huge rule when choosing an outfit is about the color: if the upper and the lower parts have different colors, it will help to even out the sizes of the shoulders and the hips.


Fortunately, the times when stylists recommended that all full-figured women wear black clothes are gone. Nicki Minaj shows her response to the stereotypes of the past.

Don’t wear any patterns or animal prints, instead wear solid colors, bold, oversized silhouettes, and as few decorative elements as possible (no fringe, bows, or other stuff like that). And of course, any look like this goes great with a belt.

No defined waist

Many women have bodies that are rectangular shapes. The absence of a clear waist can be compensated for by using big belts like Anna Kournikova does or wearing a slim-fitted upper part with a wider skirt like Gwyneth Paltrow does.

In order to put more emphasis on the hips, you can wear anything that is wide at the bottom, like sheath dresses or classic pencil skirts that highlight the hip and go very well together with loose blouses and shirts.

Being very tall

Being very tall doesn’t always mean just long legs. Sometimes, it means you also get wide shoulders that can only be less visible if you wear a V-neck, and this even works on your back. High-waisted jeans or short pants can help balance the length of the body and legs. Liv Tyler is the best at this. And you can experiment with skirts without the risk of shortening the look too much. Any skirt looks great on a tall girl.


Trendsetter, Victoria Beckham, recommends that short girls wear flared pants (maybe with a high waist). These styles will make you look taller, especially when worn together with high heels.

Another prominent lady from the fashion world, Sarah Jessica Parker, also uses pants to compensate for her short height. And she likes skinny jeans. A more feminine look can be learned from actress Reese Witherspoon: she wears wide dresses, just above the knee, to make the body look like a triangle-shape which gives you several more inches of height.

Big feet

This one is simple: shoes that are less open attract less attention. Don’t wear sandals. You can balance the look by using clothes, too: oversized clothes will add some volume on top and an emphasis on the waist, for example, a massive belt or no clothes at all will steal the attention from the legs. And the simplest way to visually decrease the size of the feet is by wearing heels. Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, and Claudia Schiffer wear different models in terms of heel height, but any are good.

Which tricks do you use in order to highlight the best parts of your body and hide some flaws?