8 Clothing Items It’s Time to Get Rid Of

We all have clothes that only take up space in our closet, but we still can’t get rid of them. Read this article to know what you can throw away without any doubts. Just imagine how many new items you’ll be able to put in there!

Bright Side editors have already freed up their wardrobes.

8. Presents that you don’t like.

You shouldn’t have to keep gifts that your mother, friend, granny, or mother-in-law once gave you. If a gifted scarf makes your skin look sallow or a dress makes you look fat, you don’t have to wear it or let it spoil your mood.

You just need to smile and accept the present. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to do with it and it says nothing about your attitude toward a person. You can donate this item, sell it, or throw it away.

7. Bright clothing

When you buy dresses, skirts, and suits that are too bright or flashy you have to remember that you’re probably not going to wear them twice. If you’re not ready to purchase an item for just one night, you can rent it or buy something more subdued and less expensive.

You can also sell all those bright and sparkly dresses that you already have online via websites where people look for secondhand clothes. Don’t forget that you can also always throw an item away, especially if it was somehow damaged.

6. White underwear

Almost all women have white underwear, but this piece of clothing is totally useless. Why? There are several reasons.

White clothes get dirty fast and become grey or yellow. Also, white panties and bras are visible under other clothing. If you don’t want everyone to see your underwear, we recommend choosing beige underwear that resembles your own skin tone.

5. Damaged recent purchase

We know it’s really unpleasant to have to get rid of new clothes. But our life is full of surprises and we might not notice wet paint on benches, spilled coffee, and so on. If there’s no chance to fix an item, just get rid of it and be more careful in the future.

4. Clothes that don’t induce pleasant emotions

Alastair Tombs, a marketing specialist from the University of Queensland’s business school, claims that clothes are able to induce bad emotions in us when we put them on if there’s a link between these clothes and unpleasant situations from the past.

Personal stylist Annalisa Armitage supports this point of view and thinks that we should get rid of items that remind us of bad moments. Annalisa says that clothes we associate with bad times or feelings can affect a woman’s mood.

3. House repair clothes

Many people have faded items with stains and spots. No matter what kind of dirty work you’re going to do, you shouldn’t forget about your self-respect and wear ratty, old clothes.

We recommend using the items that suit you and don’t have any visible defects and just get rid of the rest.

2. Fake brands

We’re not going to speak about the moral aspects of buying fake brands, we just want to say that these clothes can affect our psychological portrait and behavior.

A group of American scientists has found out that wearing knockoffs affects our self-image. When we create a fake image, we start seeing other people as more dishonest and less truthful.

1. Old jewelry

Even classic jewelry pieces may become old-fashioned over time. It’s also about costume jewelry created according to the latest trends that usually changes at lightning speed.

We recommend looking through your accessories from time to time and thinking about whether they’re still trendy or not.

Are you ready to get rid of a few clothes hidden inside your wardrobe? Are there any items that you’ll never throw away?

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