8 Natural Tips to Make Your Stretch Marks Fade

8 Natural Tips to Make Your Stretch Marks Fade

Stretch marks are usually associated with pregnancy, but they can actually develop in various situations such as rapid weight gain or loss, weight lifting, or if a person experiences a hormonal imbalance or certain diseases. These marks are unlikely to disappear completely on their own. However, there are some natural ways to make them fade more quickly.

Bright Side has gathered eight natural tips that are really effective when getting rid of stretch marks. Instead of spending lots of money on expensive anti-striae cremes, try these remedies that were prepared by nature for your skin!

1. Drink plenty of water

It's so important to stay hydrated! If you drink enough water, your skin stays soft and more elastic. Water keeps your skin moisturized, while dry skin tends to be more prone to the appearance of stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Studies show that it's important to drink about 8-9 glasses of water on a daily basis.

2. Apply lemon juice

Vitamin C that's found in lemons boosts the development of collagen, making your skin more elastic. Lemon juice is also naturally acidic and therefore, quickly removes dead skin cells. It's effective in lightening the color of stretch marks and speeds up the process of their fading.

How to use:

Rub lemon juice on to the areas of your skin affected by stretch marks and leave for about 10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

3. Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural skin healer. It's one of the most powerful plants Mother Earth has to offer. Its anti-oxidants repair damaged skin cells and and restore skin tissue. It's also rich in collagen, which makes your skin softer and more elastic.

How to use:

If you have never tried aloe vera before, apply a small amount of its gel on your wrist in order to determine if you have an allergic reaction or not. If you're not allergic to it, rub it well on to the stretch marks and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water.

4. Rub castor oil

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid that helps to heal stretch marks. Ayurveda and homeopathy suggest that castor oil is one of the most powerful remedies for striae. It's very rich in fatty acids and acts as a perfect moisturizer.

How to use:

Massage the skin affected by stretch marks with castor oil. Then cover the area for 20-30 minutes using a plastic sheet. For a better effect, heat up your skin using a hot water bottle or hot pad. Try practicing this technique on a daily basis for a week and you will notice the results.

5. Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is known for its healing properties. It's rich in lauric acid that helps to repair damaged skin. Applying it to stretch marks every day helps your skin to heal more quickly. It's unlikely to remove the stretch marks completely, but it can definitely reduce their red appearance.

How to use:

Massage a scoop of coconut oil onto the area with stretch marks for 2-3 minutes. Leave it uncovered until the oil is fully absorbed. Repeat this procedure every day.

6. Cure with vitamin A

Vitamin A improves early stretch marks and makes your skin smoother and younger. Vitamin A can be consumed in supplement form and it's also present in green and yellow fruits and vegetables, carrots, eggs, fish, dairy products and liver.

7. Exfoliate with sugar scrub

Sugar effectively exfoliates dead skin cells that remain around stretch marks. Scrubbing also boosts blood circulation and speeds up the healing process. Microdermabrasion has been proven to be an effective method to reduce striae.

How to use:

Mix 1/2 a cup of sugar with water until you get a paste-like mass. Spread it over the stretch mark area using massaging motions. Leave the area uncovered for 2-3 minutes. It's best to repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.

8. Try egg whites

Egg whites contain protein which helps skin to regenerate. Collagen, which is also present in egg whites, will help your skin to get more elastic.

How to use:

Whip egg whites then apply the soft mass to stretch marks. Leave the area open, until it gets dry. Wash it off with warm water. Apply some moisturizer to your skin. It's better to rub egg whites onto your skin 2-3 times a day to get a maximum result.

Have you tried any of these natural remedies for stretch marks? Or maybe you have other tips on how to help them fade or even remove them completely? Don't hide your secret weapon - so many other women need it! Share your experience in the comments below.

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