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8 Pieces of Clothing That Can Ruin Even the Perfect Body Shape

Psychologists are sure that our image influences our mood and confidence. People around us also judge us by our clothes first. But sometimes even celebs who have great stylists fail to look gorgeous. In this article, we’ve collected some tips to help you look more slim and elegant.

Bright Side will tell you which clothes you should avoid wearing to always look magnificent.

8. Cropped pants

Cropped pants are really popular nowadays. Both thin and full-figured girls like them. But if you’re short, cropped pants will make you look even shorter and make your hips look rounder so your body visually looks heavy.

  • What to do?

If you’re going to walk a lot, it’s better to wear regular-length pants. If you have to look stylish, you may want to choose elongated pants — they’ll lengthen your body from a visual standpoint.

7. Asymmetric hems on dresses and skirts

The most popular variant is when a dress or a skirt is shorter in the front. This skirt isn’t considered to be “dangerous” since it attracts attention to the legs. But this isn’t really true. Dresses and skirts with an asymmetric hem make legs look shorter, cut off your body shape, and add inches to your hips.

  • What to do?

Girls of average height are recommended to avoid this style. Side split skirts and dresses will look way better. But don’t forget that a split shouldn’t be too high and should let you sit and walk without any discomfort.

6. Baby Doll dresses

This style is great for 12-year-old girls but not for women. They cut off the legs and make our body look fuller, wider, and disproportionate. Additionally, these dresses highlight the fact that a woman is trying to look younger than she actually is.

  • What to do?

Choose narrow and shorter dresses: they’ll make your legs look longer. If you’re tall, you should wear a long dress — it’ll highlight the beauty of your hips and waist.

5. Peplum blouses and dresses

This style highlights your waist but adds a few pounds to both thin and full-figured girls’ midsections.

  • What to do?

If you want to emphasize your waist, choose a nice belt. If you want to hide your belly, you should try a high-waist skirt: it’ll make your waist look thinner and hide all your imperfections.

4. Cape coats

This style makes women look fuller and shorter (especially if you wear a short coat.) In most cases, the way it’ll look depends on the fabric (whether it’s soft or hard).

  • What to do?

Choose this style with caution. If you still want a cape coat, pick a medium-length coat made from soft fabric.

3. Sweater dresses

Even though these styles are designed to hide body imperfections, skinny girls look really clumsy and puffy in them. They can also make full-figured women look even bigger.

  • What to do?

If you decide to wear a sweater dress, you could use a belt that will highlight your waist and make your breasts look bigger.

2. Turtlenecks

A turtleneck is a basic piece of clothing that also reveals lots of problems if you don’t know how to wear it. A turtleneck can cut off your neck and highlight even tiny body imperfections.

  • What to do?

Don’t wear a 3/4 sleeve turtleneck. To emphasize your waist, you could tuck your turtleneck into a skirt or pants. To hide excess weight, choose turtlenecks in cool colors.

1. A-line dresses

This style makes all girls look fuller-figured. If the fabric is too hard and heavy, your image will be even more awkward.

  • What to do?

Show your beautiful body shape with the help of a tight dress. Even girls with hourglass figures will look nice in these types of dresses because they hide all flaws (for example, a belly that’s not flat). Skinny women are advised to choose dresses with a fuller skirt that can emphasize their waist.

Which item ruins a woman’s body shape? What do you think? Share with us in the comments.

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