9 Bra Tricks Few Girls Know About

A bra is the most important element of any woman's wardrobe. It's with us almost every day, and our mood and self-confidence depend on it.

Bright Side gathered some tips on how to feel comfortable while wearing this piece of underwear and use it to the fullest.

Don't let your bra slip off

Strapless bras slide onto your stomach or poorly support your breasts, and that's really annoying. Attach a strap to the back of the bra, pass it under your breasts, and fasten it on the back on the other side. Now your bra will stay in place whatever you do.

The secret of the perfect push-up

This technique is great for going out or photo shoots. Stick the self-adhesive cups diagonally instead of in the usual horizontal position - from the bottom and side of each breast.

If the straps rub

Attach special silicone pads to the straps which will not allow them to rub your skin. In general, rubbing straps are a sign that the band of the bra is stretched, and all the load is going to the straps.

Make a strapless dress more comfortable

To choose the right bra for a strapless dress, especially one with an open back, is not an easy thing. An excellent way out is to cut off the front of a bra, and sew it straight into the dress bodice.

How to adjust the straps

Remember: optimal support is when you can fit two fingers placed one above the other under the strap on your shoulder. Now adjusting the straps is easy!

To lift your breasts

If your bra is stretched and holds your breasts poorly or you simply want more lift, cross the straps at the back.

How to improve a lace bra

This underwear looks exquisite, and it's comfortable and soft because it doesn't have underwire and elastics. Yet it doesn't give your breasts any volume. To solve this problem, put swimsuit cup inserts inside. You can fix them with clothing adhesive tape.

If you've got gaps

A well-known problem among ladies with big breasts. In order not to expose your curves to the looks of strangers, fasten the edges of the shirt between the buttons with double-sided sticky tape made for clothing.

A comfortable way of storing bras

A great way to store your bras is to use a simple hanger. This way they won't lose their shape and will always be at hand.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko, models Olga Zakharchenko, Alena Fedorova for Bright Side
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