9 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate This Spring/Summer Season

Every season, fashion designers implement new features and make them trendy: huge plaid kerchiefs, sneakers with pencil dresses, oversize coats, and so on.

Bright Side has gathered the best trends of the coming spring and summer to inspire you.

Floral prints

Floral prints are a great way to express the flowery time of spring. Floral romance has adopted the shape of airy dresses, light skirts, tight-fit suits, and silk pinafore dresses, thus uniting the main trends of the season. Taken together, this all gives an impression of spring lightness and ease.

Sexy legs

What could be sexier than a deep cut in a long dress? Stylists propose immodest outfits more and more often today. The stars are bolder with each passing year, and designers give in to their fantasies and make cuts deeper and deeper.


Yellow is one of the most trendy colors of the coming season. It's the best antidepressant for those weary from the winter cold and dreaming of the warm sun. The nicest thing about this trend is probably its versatility. Take a look at your wardrobe, and think what kind of yellow items would fit it best.

Lots of frills

Flounces and frills have always been a symbol of dreamy and elegant femininity, lending special charm to any outfit. Choose whatever you like: voluminous flounces or light and romantic frills. Take care with how they fit your figure, though!


Asymmetry is one of the boldest fashion trends. It's a taste of freedom from conventional shapes; an opportunity to be yourself even in a classic interpretation; a way to have the world at your feet with just one small accessory.

Sizeable sleeves

The trend of spacious sleeves just delights us! Silhouettes become eccentric and feminine, so we can't ignore this brilliant designer solution.

Sequins and spangles

Shiny, sparkling sequins are head-turning to say the least, but they need careful adjustment or an elegant image from 1930s Hollywood risks turning into an '80s nightmare. If you want to make an accent with sequins, choose one part of your outfit - a sweatshirt, tank top, or skirt - so that your image is original yet not too heavy.


Metallic silver is the color that makes your whole image breathtaking and futuristic; accessories are secondary. Importantly, there must be lots of silver in your outfit, so don't be afraid of picking dresses, skirts, and shirts that reflect everything around you like a mirror.

Low cut

Stylists are unanimous that another fashionable trend of this spring is cuts in the most unexpected places, and they say that it's important to not be afraid of showing a little bit of yourself. One other little bonus here is that cuts go well with any patterns.

Based on materials from marieclaire.ru
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