9 Ways to Support Other Women and Why It’s Important

Women who support other women are more likely to succeed. And this is not a myth! Even this reason is enough to stop competing with each other all the time and show more sympathy to your colleagues or to your friends. Sisterhood is not just about sharing lipstick, but showing true love, respect, and feeling secure.

We at Bright Side are inspired by women and want them to be happy and live in an atmosphere of support.

1. Encourage

Every woman needs to feel secure, but there are some situations when we can’t control what goes on in our life. Sometimes we need to be brave and make our own decisions.

If another woman asks you for advice, instead of saying that she doesn’t need it or that what she’s asking about is risky, it is better to just ask how you can support her. If she wants to break up with her boyfriend, invite her somewhere so she can calm down. If she wants to open a business, say that you are proud of her. Just be there and don’t ignore her mood.

There is no need to even try to give some smart pieces of advice. It is enough to just make sure that her self-defeating thoughts don’t creep in.

2. Listen

Let her talk! It’s not about gossiping. When women are stressed out, talking literally calms them down because a hormone called oxytocin is produced in the female brain.

You can just nod your head while listening if you don’t know what to say or are afraid to say something stupid. But ignoring your friend when she needs a release during hard times is the worst thing you can do.

3. Share your knowledge

Let’s use an example. You have a new colleague, it’s her first day at work, and she literally doesn’t even know where she can get a cup of tea so don’t act like a stranger. She is already stressed. Share your knowledge and make her feel more comfortable. It is a good bonus for your karma too!

Of course, we are not talking about sharing some subjective experience, like how to break up with a boyfriend, but giving useful and practical information can be good for both you and her.

4. Give back to young girls

Think about yourself when you were a teenager. We bet some of us can say that they had a lack of women who could inspire and guide us in the right direction. There’s no need to be annoying with your advice, but saying or doing something that will give them more confidence is always good.

You can tell them that they are beautiful just how they are and that they should take care of themselves and not forget about personal development. Or just take your niece to an art exhibit or to the theatre. She will definitely appreciate it when she is an adult.

5. Give compliments

We all love compliments, but count how many times a day we give them. Putting out a positive vibe is not a crime.

Here are some tips that can help you to give a nice, but not super obvious, compliment:

1. Focus on a great find (Tel her that her dress is beautiful, but don’t ask where she bought it).

2. Try to make eye contact.

3. Be respectful. Saying something like “smart for someone so young” is hardly a compliment.

4. Say it right away and don’t hold on to it for later.

5. Look for things that they’ve struggled with like, for example, a report, and find something good to say about it.

6. Help your mother and grandmother

Start with your own world. Help your mom. Give her a call and ask if she needs something. You can give her flowers without any reason. Make her smile!

These things will make her and your day.

7. Connect women

Introduce women you know to each other. Maybe they have a great idea for a business. And if your environment is successful, you are as well.

There’s no need to tear each other down and hide your best friend from everyone.

The more women are connected and friendly to each other, the more they have a chance to succeed in life. Of course, we could ask our partner to help us organize an event or to introduce us to someone important, but it always puts you in a dependent position in your relationship.

A close inner circle of women can provide critical information on job opportunities and challenges. Research has even shown that women who had a circle of 1-3 friends were 2.5 times higher in authority and pay than those who lacked this combination.

8. Invite other women to events

Men easily invite each other to do things, even if they’ve just met. They organize groups, small parties, and even meet up just to play football. Women can also do the same thing.

Don’t be afraid to get turned down. Maybe she has a small child at home, but even if she has to decline your offer, the woman who you invited already feels good.

9. Create your own women’s club

Sometimes we can’t be there right away to help a friend, but there is a powerful tool that we can develop. We can organize our own WhatsApp chat with girls, where we can share our emotions, failures, and achievements.

It is very important to not be judgmental, and instead be discerning and not too opinionated while you communicate with them.

Do you think that women are disconnected nowadays? Do you know other ways to support each other better? Please, share your stories with us below!

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side
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