A Painter Has Been Illustrating the Lives of Her Friends for 100 Days, and It’s Very Easy to Find Yourself in Her Works

Amanda Oleander is a talented painter from Los Angeles. She films the process of creating her pieces of art and uploads the videos to this application, where the amount of subscribers has crossed half a million. Drawing has always been Amanda's main passion. With the help of her works, she tries to inspire other people to find an activity that their soul strives for.

Recently the artist has challenged herself, having promised to post different pictures with stories from her life and the lives of her friends and simple passers-by to Instagram. Bright Side has collected 17 of the brightest and most memorable of Amanda's illustrations. We hope they will give you a pinch of inspiration as well as a little joy and positiveness.

The energy of love

Music that carries to the stars

Rare moments of rest

An evening with friends

When you tested a pile of cosmetics but still didn't manage to find what you wanted:

The level of seriousness of a relationship: he trusted her to squeeze a pimple.

Nobody forbids us to live beautifully except for ourselves.

Don't stare!

First gray hair

A young family: tired but happy

The hugs of a beloved person are the safest place in this world.

I don't need a basket.

When at last you are home after a long day and finally freed from your pants and bra:

It's time to go to bed! You will finish the game later.

Back to childhood

A day spent on a beach is always good.

Where do all cookies disappear to?

Which of these works did you like the most? Please share in the comments!

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