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French Style Basics to Help You Look Like a Parisian

Everybody knows that French women are the standard of elegance and beauty. And it's not about expensive brands or natural charm. They're like no one else when it comes to combining simple clothes and creating their own unique look: one that is stylish and utterly feminine.

Today, the Bright Side team decided to open up their closet and find out what exactly we need to wear to feel like a real Parisian.


French women don't like clothes bursting with brands. They pay attention to simplicity and quality. For example, simple jeans can become a feature of your style if you combine them with natural fabric blouses or sweaters.

Black coat

Black is the timeless classic that's always appropriate. French women show a special preference for black coats. No wonder, because they go well with everything and make a look more elegant.


Ironically, Parisians don't like to spend too much money on clothes. Handbags are the only expensive accessories in their wardrobe. Carrying a fake handbag is considered inexcusable because a handbag is one of the most visible parts of their wardrobe that's always in sight.

Men's shoes

Paris is filled with the spirit of contradiction, and the women living there are no exception. A pair of men's shoes will perfectly complement a strict business suit and add 100 points to your style.

Ballerina flats

A pair of ballerina flats can be found in every Parisian's wardrobe. Practical and comfortable, they can be combined with almost every outfit. No wonder these are the favorite shoes of French fashionistas.

Black sunglasses

You can always find dark sunglasses in a real Parisian's handbag. They amazingly emphasize any look and give that very French mystique.

Silk neckerchief

This item never goes out of fashion. You can combine a neckerchief with everything - it all depends on your taste and fantasy. It can become a bright detail of your look.

Loose shirt

A white or pastel man's shirt looks very feminine and creates a playful bohemian image. You can tuck the shirt in and drop a couple of upper buttons. It goes perfectly with high heels and any accessories.

Long trench coat

Parisians simply adore trench coats and wear them almost all year round. They combine them with pants, jeans, dresses...with everything! It's a universal thing.

Wide-collar sweater

A sweater with a wide collar, flirtatiously slipping off your shoulder, looks especially sexy. French women know it and frequently use this trick to attract the admiring looks of men.

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