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Models Share 11 Beauty Tricks That Help Them Look Flawless in Any Situation

Every professional has their own tips and tricks when it comes to mastering the perfect look. We decided to find out the secrets of professional models that allow them to look good both on and off the runway. We’re sure that these tricks will be a great addition to your beauty routine!

The Bright Side team discovered some secret life hacks that professional models use and we’re ready to reveal them to our readers!

1. No double chin

Models who are in high demand only stop exchanging messages with their agents when they need to get a few hours of sleep. Interestingly, when they use the phone, models put their face and body in a slightly different position than most people do. The girls either usually hold their chin with their hand or hold it up high so as to prevent the loss of muscle tone and the appearance of wrinkles.

Not only does this trick help them avoid discomfort in the chin area by the end of the day, but it also helps prevent the appearance of a double chin. The important thing is not to place your whole chin on the palm but to mark an invisible line below which your head shouldn’t go.

2. No foundation marks on clothes

Models’ assistants often put on a scarf on their heads to cover the face when it’s time to change clothes. They do this in order to keep the designers’ clothes clean from makeup products. Unfortunately, we don’t have little helpers who would assist us when we get dressed, but any woman who has ever changed clothes while wearing makeup has her own individual approach to making sure no stains are left on her shirts, dresses, or sweaters.

By the way, many shops in South Korea and Japan use the same trick. They give all women special covers made from nonwoven material to prevent the appearance of makeup stains on clothes.

3. Silky and shiny skin

Victoria’s Secret models make their skin glow with the help of a body lotion mixed with a shimmer powder with reflective particles. There’s no need to buy these products separately. The same effect can be reached if you put a bit of highlighter or glittery eyeshadow in your regular body lotion or cream. Make sure the shining particles aren’t too big if you don’t want to shine like a real diamond.

4. Washing routine

Models don’t hide the fact that they don’t wear a lot of makeup when they’re not on the runway. However, few people know that most of them wash their face differently. Soap-based washing solutions remove not only makeup products but the skin’s protective barrier, as well. A gentler way to clean up your face is to use a makeup remover or cleansing wipes, a cleanser, or a hydrophilic oil that should then be removed with a toner.

Many models often use sparkling water instead of a toner. Although it’s significantly cheaper, it’s not much different from a thermal water spray and it has the same effect on the skin.

5. Shaving instead of peeling

One of Victoria’s Secret leading models, Josephine Skriver, shared an unusual life hack in an interview. She revealed that she shaves her face with a regular shaving razor twice a week. Josephine assures that thanks to this procedure, her skin looks shiny and glows and her foundation spreads evenly and becomes almost invisible on her face.

Shaving is popular in Japan and recently, many Instagram bloggers from all over the world have begun shaving off peach fuzz from their faces. The result is pretty impressive. However, there’s an opinion that facial hair becomes thicker and more visible after shaving. It’s better to consult with your beautician before performing this procedure at home.

6. Silky smooth legs

Silky smooth legs aren’t the result of advanced depilation procedures but a tried-and-tested way that many world models love to use. First of all, use a body scrub on your legs and then shave them with a razor. For a perfect finish, exfoliate your legs one more time.

After this procedure, any silk scarf will slide down your perfectly smooth legs. Plus, the smoothness will last twice as long. Just don’t forget to moisturize!

7. Universal underwear

Models often have to demonstrate several types of clothing in one photoshoot and they don’t always have time to choose proper underwear for each of them. A set of underwear should be as close to your natural skin color as possible so that it can suit any type of outfit. The same rule applies to the choice of nail polish — a nude color goes with everything.

8. Invisible makeup

A model shouldn’t wear makeup to a casting call so that the designer can objectively evaluate her appearance. However, many models use several tricks to look fresh and well-groomed.

To hide skin imperfections, you can use a concealer, as long as it perfectly matches your skin tone. Lipstick should be applied with your fingers. Its shade should be a bit darker than your natural lip color. The same lipstick can also be used as blush.

Models also apply lip gloss on their cheekbones instead of a highlighter because it gets absorbed by the skin and leaves no visible marks, creating the effect of a healthy glow.

9. Natural-looking waves

The effect of beach waves or beach hair isn’t that easy to achieve. The stylists from Victoria’s Secret found an easy way to create such a hairstyle so now everyone can do the same thing at home. Use a curling iron or a hair straightener to curl the locks in every direction. Then spray some styling spray or some sea salt on your fingers and brush them through your hair.

10. Dry massage

Miranda Kerr rubs her whole body with a dry body brush with natural bristles. Many other women love to do the same thing. A brush is perfect for removing dead skin cells and it also makes the skin smooth and stimulates the work of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. A daily dry massage also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

11. No lipstick stains

A bright and shining smile with noticeable lipstick stains is a major makeup malfunction. The situation gets even worse if you’re standing in front of a dozen cameras. A bit of vaseline should be applied to the teeth before putting on bright lipstick as it will prevent the lipstick from remaining on your teeth while also making them even shinier!

Have you tried any of these tricks? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit Harper's Bazaar / YouTube