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10 Accessories Mistakes That Hide Our Natural Beauty

An accessory can either be an excellent complement to any outfit or the element that ruins it. For example, you might choose a piece that doesn’t match your clothes, or perhaps it’s not the proper one for the occasion. Fortunately, with some useful tips, you can easily avoid these mistakes and highlight your best features.

10 Tricks Celebrities Use to Shine on the Red Carpet

When posing for photographers on the red carpet, celebrities usually look happy and relaxed. In reality, these events require a lot of time and energy, and looking good in photos takes a lot of patience and effort. So, when stars want to impress us with their beauty, they have a variety of life hacks at their disposal — from wearing shoes that are a larger size to using tape.

15 Denim Mistakes That Can Ruin Even Stylish Looks

Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1871. And this clothing item has changed a lot since then and become an integral part of the wardrobe of probably every person on the planet. We decided to find out what mistakes we usually make when wearing jeans, and how to correct them.

8 Myths About Women’s Personal Hygiene That Have Nothing to Do With Reality

We tend to believe in certain myths that are decades old. But scientists make new discoveries every day and often refute the beliefs we think are true, including those about women’s bodies.

8 Unique Traditions That Are Proudly Embraced by Women in Different Countries

Traditions define who we are. Although many customs have perished as humanity has progressed, some survived and continue to exist today, and new ones have emerged. Blowing out candles on your birthday cake is one of the oldest traditions still practiced today, and the meaning behind it is that with every candle, we mark a new milestone in life. With that, we’ve found some exciting folklore that women practice worldwide.

10 Tricks to Lengthen the Silhouette Using Your Own Clothes

We can’t change certain things about our appearance, like our height. But we can look taller, and we have stylists to thank for that. Even celebrities swear by the fashion tricks we will describe next. Let’s see how you can show off a slender figure and highlight your strong points.

8 Underwear Mistakes That Even Celebrities Aren’t Safe From

Underwear is a rather sensitive thing to talk about. This is why fashion experts and magazines tend to talk about clothing etiquette quite often, but it’s much less common to hear recommendations about how to wear a bra or panties without neglecting your comfort and looking flawless at the same time. And today, we’d like to talk about underwear etiquette that will help you avoid major mistakes and make your life so much easier.

8 Styling Tips That Will Freshen Up Your Look

Many of us have had a situation where we are all dressed up for an event, but the reflection in the mirror shows someone who doesn’t look like us or even appears to be older. The wrong hairstyle, lipstick color, or even earrings can give you a weathered appearance. We’ve prepared a list of styling tips to help you freshen up your look.

15 Women Who Ditched the Razor to Embrace Their Femininity on Their Terms

As humans, we all strive to look and feel our best. However, society has long held certain beauty standards that can be difficult to meet. One of the most significant examples is the expectation for women to be hairless. But some women embrace their body hair and reject these societal expectations of femininity. Let’s go on a ride to explore the journey of several ladies who have gained confidence and self-love by doing just that.

10 Ways to Dress Fashionably Without Spending Your Entire Paycheck

You don’t need to spend a fortune or even keep up with the latest trend to look good. Knowing a few simple tips may be enough to choose the best clothes for you (and your wallet). After all, you shouldn’t forget that there are classics that will never go out of fashion. Check out some other tips to learn how you can look elegant without worrying about money.

8 Small Details That Can Truly Make You Look Stylish

We all want to look good, and we think it is hard to “dress to impress.” You don’t need to be a fashion designer to look amazing and have a sense of style. Here are some simple tips that’ll elevate your outfit game to the next level.

10 Daring Maternity Outfits That Turned the Baby Bump Into the Star of Every Show

Maternity outfits are constantly evolving and, recently, revealing clothes that show off the baby bump seem to be trending. Many attribute this tendency to what Rihanna wore while pregnant with her first child. However, whether it inspired other moms or not, the truth is that pregnant women have been stealing the show everywhere with their bold fashion picks.

15+ Side-by-Side Photos That Show What “No Makeup” Makeup Actually Means

Natural makeup is always relevant because it emphasizes a person’s natural beauty. But it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to do. Usually, people have to use dozens of different makeup products and spend quite a lot of time trying to look the way they want to.Internet users decided to take side-by-side photos that show the difference between before and after applying natural makeup. And in the bonus section, you’ll see an example that proves the art of “no makeup” makeup is much more complicated than you might think.

10+ Outdated Beauty Standards That Women Should No Longer Feel Obligated to Follow

Beauty standards have evolved throughout history and across different cultures. Nevertheless, there are some unrealistic ideals that persist in our modern society that can take a toll on people’s mental health, especially that of young kids. As we don’t believe in these narrow definitions of beauty, in this article, we wanted to name 11 that should stay in the past.

9 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

We wear eyelash extensions, pluck our brows, and spend a fortune on eyeliner and lipstick in fashionable colors. However, while trying to look trendy, we can sometimes change our natural traits that make our appearance unique and attractive. That’s why we decided to find out what types of makeup and hairstyles can actually ruin our look, according to professional makeup artists and stylists.

10 Little Things That Can Make Us Look Older

Sometimes just a single small detail can make you look older than you really are. And perhaps very few people really want that. Considering this, we decided to figure out what things can make us look older and how to avoid this.

9 Beauty Standards We Should Drop ASAP

Beauty standards are constantly changing and evolving, but some unrealistic expectations have stuck around for far too long. It’s time for us to challenge these narrow ideals and embrace the diverse spectrum of beauty that exists within every one of us. Here are 9 outdated beauty standards that we need to drop once and for all.

12 Actresses Who Don’t Mind Getting Older and Appreciate Everything They’ve Got

The fear of getting older and seeing the physical changes that come with it is very prevalent with people, and especially women. Getting older means that you stop being in control of your own body and the changes that happen around you. But once you understand that there is nothing you can do to control these changes, life will become much more entertaining.

14 Pregnant Stars Who Didn’t Adjust Their Wardrobe to Fit Their Rounded Bellies, and They Looked Like a Million Bucks

Clothes for pregnant ladies are not usually very diverse. Their main goal is to hide the rounded belly. But not everyone wants to put up with this. These 14 famous women proved that even when they are pregnant, they can still look stylish.

6 Small Things That Instantly Make Us 10 Times More Attractive

When it comes to people’s tastes, things aren’t always predictable. What is attractive to one person might not be appealing to another. However, some small and insignificant things somehow manage to attract people, like magnets. But it’s refreshing to see that 90-60-90, otherwise known as the “perfect measurement” for women, will not be included on this list.