Period Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

Periods can be tough on women. We all want to avoid the literal pain AND the pain of looking for the perfect hygiene product.

We at Bright Side will share a list of period hacks to turn those days into a paradise for you.

10. Hot bag or hot sock

When the cramps are too bad to bear, use a hot bag (bottle) or a handmade "hot" sock filled with rice and microwaved for a few minutes.

9. Menstrual cup

Pads and tampons are so last century. The menstrual cup is what everyone has been waiting for. Not only is it safe — it’s made from a medical silicon — but it is also 99% leakproof. Try it for yourself!

8. Period panties

If you still feel insecure with a menstrual cup, you can use period panties. They can be worn as protection from tampon or menstrual cup leaks or on their own. Healthy and green!

7. Potassium-rich foods

Potassium-rich foods are known to help with cramps, making those days go easy on you. Eat as many bananas as you want!

6. No salty snacks

Salty snacks will only make it worse with all the swelling you get during your period. Try to stick to fruit and unsalted foods.

5. Zero caffeine

Caffeine makes the cramps worse. It’s medically proven, so try to substitute your cup of coffee for a decaf one.

4. Period apps

The digital era we all live in is really helpful when it comes to tracking your cycle. Period apps help you be prepared by calculating when those days are due. Brilliant!

3. Period kit

Period kits can be a great way to stop worrying about when and what to purchase. They almost always have a variety of hygiene products, and then it’s just a matter of personal choice.

2. Painkillers

When nothing helps, painkillers can be a real lifesaver. Do some research to find the perfect solution for yourself.

1. Do yoga

Some women prefer to avoid painkillers and stick to the good old rule: do sports. Yoga is one of the best options during a period. It helps you to relax and meditate, just what the doctor prescribed!

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