Seven spring makeup trends to help you get a flawless look

Makeup is an art that helps women to enhance their natural beauty. It creates a mood, adds luster to the eyes, makes their lips appear fuller and the cheekbones more prominent. It  has become an integral part of many women's lifestyle, and everyone is looking to have the latest style when they go out at night. But as makeup trends change rapidly with each new season, it's not easy to keep track of the changes.

That is why we here at Bright Side have gathered together some of the best beauty trends for spring that will make you look fabulous. Get ready to impress and create stunning spring looks, because the motto of this season is: ''Don't be afraid to experiment!''

1. Transparent and glowing skin

Elegant and graceful, the natural makeup look has been very popular for several seasons already and it probably will be for many years to come. Its secret is quite simple: just apply some foundation with light-reflective particles that matches your skin tone perfectly, then use soft, airy blusher on the apple of your cheeks, apply some eye shadow with natural shades over the lids, and finally finish off your look with a hint of mascara.

2. The stunning sixties

We all know that fashion trends go in circles. Right now, the sixties are back, and in a big way: amazing brows, perfect winged liner to create that 'dolls' eyes' look, pastel or beige-brown eyeshadow, and full false lashes are perfect makeup tools to use this season. And don't be afraid to experiment with different lip colors. In fact, the latest makeup trends have shattered the rule about emphasizing either eyes or lips.

3. Orange, tangerine or coral eye shadow

In order to make your eyes look super-impressive, use a bright, colorful eye shadow palette: orange, blue, green or pink. And one more tip: applying some decorative rhinestones and sequins to your face is a great way to give your evening look an ultra glamorous accent.

4. Bottom eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner on your lower lids is a new runway trend. The beauty industry now offers eyeliners that come in a rainbow of colors, so feel free to experiment with shades until you find a look you love. And don't be afraid to use false lashes. Professional makeup this season is never complete without some falsies.

5. Shades of brown

Make-up in brown tones will never go out of fashion, because it works great for both daytime and nighttime looks. In order to get a stunning result, use bronzing powder for contouring, and emphasize your eyes with shades of caramel on your lids. Finish your look by applying some golden highlighter with light-reflecting particles to your cheekbones. This will make your complexion look more glowing and fresh.

6. Magic matte lips

The reign of glossy lips makeup is officially over: now it's the season for perfectly defined, matte lips. Colors like burgundy, purple pink, brown, blue, black and purple are the height of fashion right now. There's a whole palette of sensual and brilliant colors at your disposal.

7. Bright cheekbones

Classic and natural blush shades have lost much of their popularity this spring. Play up your cheeks by choosing an orange-toned blush. While the results can be quite inept, an experiment is definitely worth a try. Your cheekbones will get a sun-kissed glow, making your beauty shine brighter.

Preview illustration credit: stephelf/Irina Gromovataya

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