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Stupefying Fashion Trends Our Parents Rocked in Their Prime

The worldwide annual apparel revenue is expected to grow to $475 billion by 2022 - this year is projected to reach $317 billion. The world of fashion keeps growing, annually implementing more and more surprising designs. Nevertheless, there is nothing that can beat the designs of the past and this article is going to remind you all about them - even if you don't care to remember.

Bright Side has collected photos of past designs that will probably make you or your parents feel nostalgic, which in turn may prompt you to whip out that old photo album and take a trip down memory lane.

25. Spicy Pepsi

24. Bubble backpacks could make anyone feel trendy.

23. There was nothing better than high platform shoes...

22. ...that went together perfectly with a Baby-G watch.

21. Mullet hairstyles were for both men and women...

20. ...they looked different but always had something in common.

19. The sporty style was all the rage.

18. Psychodelic oversized jackets could be seen from afar.

17. Like, we're talkin' really far.

16. These jackets could also protect us from the wind which is why they were called windbreakers.

15. It could take months of practice to master hair wrapping.

14. Your idols were always with you.

13. "Judge none, choose one."

12. The rapper style

11. Not only were these tight pants nice but they were also comfortable.

10. Lace-up pants - is there anything better?

9. It seems that old fashion comes back from time to time.

8. Ah, those big shoulders!

7. Many costumes could be made at home.

6. That time Nirvana appeared in Mademoiselle magazine wearing women's fashion

5. Oversized denim jackets could make any girl feel like a queen.

4. Ah, those plastic, multi-purpose bags.

3. Everyone used to choose their own style.

2. But twins always preferred to dress in identical outfits.

1. Bandanas could make any girl's day.

Have you ever worn any of these clothes? Which ones did you like the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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