Stylists Tell About 15 Mistakes That Can Make Your Corporate Party Image Inappropriate

No matter how universal stylists' recommendations, sometimes there are, of course, exceptions. It happens because some companies make theme parties, so the dress code should be quite specific. However, you should never forget that corporate parties are events when you're surrounded by your co-workers, so there are some rules you should follow. The thing is, our impressions are formed not only based on people's behavior, but also on their taste and appearance.

Bright Side prepared a list of mistakes that, according to stylists, you should avoid while choosing an outfit for an upcoming event.

1. Maxi-length gala dress

A dress that looks too "gala" or too long is not the best choice for a corporate party unless you are a celebrity on the red carpet of a movie festival. Don't forget that such parties often have competitions where you have to move or dance and such dresses can make it very difficult (and they look really inappropriate).

There are so many options to choose from; mini or midi dresses can also look stunning.

2. Total black

It's not the best idea to fall into extremes and make sure that every detail of your outfit is black. Even if your co-workers are not really interested in style and fashion, the impression about "the woman in black" may not be positive. The same goes for total blue, red, yellow, and all other colors and shades. When you are planning your party outfit, don't choose and use only one color.

Of course, a classic outfit is a very safe option, but it also needs some decorations, so the best thing you can do is add some bright and contrasting colors to your image. For example, accessories or shoes can be different colors.

3. Low-quality fabric

Nobody looks good when you can see that the clothes look cheap. People often wear dresses and blouses made of low-quality satin to corporate events because they think that such clothes make them look more solemn.

A corporate party is a celebration after all, so it's a good reason to put on some new outfit of good quality. There are many options, and if you want the outfit to shine, then you don't need the clothes to be cheap; you can wear something made of velvet.

4. Really tight dress

A very tight dress can be vicious: it can concentrate people's attention not only on the parts that you'd like to highlight but also on the parts you'd like to hide (for example, your belly after a good dinner). Besides, such a dress can make it really easy for your colleagues to see what kind of underwear you're wearing. Some people really love discussing stuff like that.

There are many types of dresses that can highlight your best parts, but if you want to wear a tight dress anyway, pay attention to the fabric. It should be thick. If it is, maybe the dress is a good choice.

5. Patterned tights

When it comes to tights, the last thing you should do is to experiment with the pattern. Even if you think that your legs are the most beautiful parts of your body, stylists don't recommend drawing people's attention to them with such "special effects." The same goes for lycra. By the by, lycra is exactly what looks ridiculous on photos that everyone will see, including your colleagues.

You can easily demonstrate how beautiful your legs are by simply choosing one-color tights that are appropriate for the season.

6. Too much fur, feathers, and boa

Such pieces of clothing are more appropriate for other events with such a dress code. Fur and feathers are not the types of clothes that look good at a corporate event. The worst thing about them is that they can be hopelessly ruined during a party. For example, someone can drop a piece of fish on them.

If you really want, you can use fur or feathers in small accessories, like earrings or handbags.

7. Animal prints

Nobody says that you can't express your individuality or desirability. However, modesty in corporate parties won't hurt you. Stylists believe that animal prints make your image look cheaper than it really is. That's why we don't recommend appearing dressed like that in front of your co-workers. Besides, some fashion experts think that people who wear clothes with animal prints look a few years older.

Choosing neutral and calmer patterns and prints will help you look more attractive and trustworthy to other people instead of challenging them with your deliberately-sexy appearance.

8. Too many accents and small details

An asymmetric skirt with a complicated pattern, a blouse with frills and bows, unusual shoes, a few rings and bracelets, big earrings, a massive necklace — that's obviously too much for one image. And if all of the things above also shine and glitter, then the best comparison you will get is the one with the Christmas tree.

When there are too many things, your look becomes unstable. It can also be unclear and repellent for other people. You should try to look more balanced. For example, when it comes to jewelry, choose just one thing: you either go with big earrings or a necklace, but never both.

9. Inappropriate shoes

All stylists claim that the best choice for a corporate party is shoes or some ankle boots, but you should never choose winter boots instead. When making a choice, base it on the other things you are going to wear; for example, high boots and a cocktail dress is not the best mix, but high boots and a mini dress is a great combination.

The most important thing is to make sure that your mini is not too short. You don't want to look like Julia Roberts's character in the beginning of "Pretty Woman."

10. Pyjamas or sportswear

Pyjamas or sportswear are very comfortable to wear. Wide pants, sweaters, and shirts made of soft fabrics are very nice to wear. However, no matter how popular they are, such clothes are completely inappropriate if you are going to a party, unless, of course, it's a theme party.

Elegant overalls can be a great alternative. They not only look stylish, but they will also make you stand out from your colleagues.

11. A "naked" dress

A dress that looks too open is a very bad idea for a work party. Naturally, a transparent dress that you can easily see the body through or a dress with a very open cleavage will draw attention, but do you really want this kind of attention from the people with whom you work? There are certain lines people shouldn't cross, and this is one of them.

Embroidered dresses, skirts and blouses can be a great alternative, but be sure that they are not transparent. They look even more attractive but still not vulgar at all.

12. Children's toys and accessories

You should never come to a corporate party where adults celebrate Christmas wearing a plastic crown on your head or holding a wand in your hand. We are pretty sure that you don't want to look like a person who entertains children.

Now more and more parties are theme parties, so it's totally okay to show up for such events with fake crowns, hats, and mustaches. During such events, you can be a child for some time posing for the photographer.

13. Summer dresses and sundresses

If you are really going to have a "winter" party (not in a hot country), then it's better not to wear summer dresses or sundresses, especially those that are made of semi-transparent kinds of fabric, like chiffon. Such clothes with open shoes look really weird at such parties, and if you combine such a dress with closed shoes (like boots) or even with tights, then your image will definitely look ridiculous.

You should choose cocktail parties that are good for any season. They always make people look light and beautiful.

14. An uncomfortable outfit

When clothes "act" on their own — the zipper opens, or the skirt turns around the body, it's hard to feel comfortable and relax. So, think your party outfit through in advance, considering that such parties often include very dynamic competitions, dances and other kinds of entertainment.

Clothes should not just be comfortable but also appropriate (color, shape, and occasion). In this case, there are more chances that you will remember the party itself, instead of regretting the outfit you chose.

15. Office style

Some people take the words "corporate party" too literally: they think that since it's a party at work among co-workers, they should wear their everyday office clothes. In this case, there is a big chance that you will look very "different" from others (some people dream about looking different, but not in this way).

If you want to look serious and business-like, choose a simple, elegant outfit that has some interesting details, such as accessories or an unusual kind of fabric.

What other things do you think look inapproprite for a corporate party? Tell us in the comment section below!

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