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Ten secrets for wearing high heels like a true lady

Many men would say that there's nothing funnier than a woman wearing high heels while not being able to walk in them. It's so tempting, though, to buy such shoes and feel like a top model!

To help you feel comfortable and confident in your favorite footwear, we at Bright Side would like to draw your attention to these tips from WikiHow.

1. Take small steps

To look elegant, you should take small and slow steps without bending your knees more than usual. If you try to take big steps, as we normally do in everyday shoes, your gait will look unnatural. So, if you're resolved to conquer the height, you'll have to be in no hurry.

2. Step from heel to toe

To make your pace look natural, you should first place your heels on the ground and then smoothly move to the toes. When the arch of your foot takes on your weight, tilt it forward, as if beginning to tiptoe, and then push yourself further to make the next step.

3. Hold your back straight

A beautiful woman can't be so without impeccable posture. Square your shoulders, and keep your chin parallel to the floor. This way, your abdominal muscles will tighten, your stomach will flatten, and you'll look thinner and lighter.

4. Walk in a straight line

To walk like a model, imagine a straight line in front of you and walk strictly along it. Put your feet right in front of each other, and stretch their tips forward so that your hips swing a bit. It'll take a little practice, but it's worth it - you'll definitely turn everyone's heads.

5. Prepare at home

If there is a grand event at hand (a wedding, for instance), you should do a few things in advance to make sure you look perfect:

  • Practice your walk to make your evening on high heels less of a nightmare and more of a dream. Also, you should scratch the soles of the shoes a little to make them less slippery;
  • Wear the shoes to get comfortable in them. Brand new footwear + whole evening walking = torture. There are several ways to make your shoes softer, such as putting on wool socks and wearing the shoes for ten minutes;
  • Learn to walk on the stairs. Step with the full foot on the way down, and step on the tips on your way up;
  • Use comfortable insoles and linings. If you try on your new high heels and feel that your feet are slipping a bit or the insoles could be more comfortable, spend some time and money on accessories. This way, you'll keep your shoes and feet safe.

6. Learn to stand in high heels

It's not all about walking - you should be able to stand beautifully too. First, place the heel of one foot to the middle of the other at an angle. Then put your weight on the latter foot, and when it's tired, move the weight onto the other one.

7. Give your feet a break

If you want to wear high heels all day long and not end up with sore and aching feet, give yourself a break from time to time. Don't take off your shoes, though - tired feet will swell, and putting the heels back on may become a painful challenge.

8. Don't wear high heels too often

Alternate between different heel heights, but try to have a preference towards flat and comfortable shoes. Constant wearing of high heels may cause damage to your health.

9. Choose the right footwear

If you've been wearing sneakers all your life, don't rush to buy 4-inch stilettos right away. Start with something more neutral and steadfast - 2 or 3 inches is just enough. You can also try wedges and ankle strap shoes - they are more comfortable because your feet slip less in them, and it's easier to keep your balance.

10. Pick the right size

Nothing will save your gait if you're wearing too-tight shoes, so you should never, ever buy high heels if they're even a tiny little bit tight. If you must choose between a little too large and a bit too tight, choose the former, because you can wear it with a lining, while there's nothing you can do with the latter, and you'll just regret buying it.

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