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Ten stylish and daring fashion tips to get you in the mood for spring

Now that winter is truly over, it's high time to chuck all your warm things into the wardrobe and decide on what your spring get-up is going to be! This season calls for a vibrant and appealing image, which is best achieved by fearlessly playing around with colors, textures and forms. In other words, make your own little fashion revolution! 

We at Bright Side have made a virtual pilgrimage to some of the most trendy fashion world events and are now ready to present you this year's ideal spring look in all it's thrilling aspects. 

1. Tender cashmere 

Cashmere coats never go out of vogue. As for this spring season, you simply cannot afford to not have one at hand, along with an assortment of hats, strict trousers and sexy jackboots or semi-rough low shoes. In the opinion of leading fashion designers, pastel colors are the way to go — they will add lightness and originality to your image. Blue, pink and turquoise coats are surefire choices to make you look irresistible.

2. A modern classic: overcoat, jeans/trousers, boat shoes/low shoes

As spring comes fully into its rights, the time of strict and elegant overcoats is upon us. Topping the must-wear range are long overcoats of tender tones. Straight lines and bohemian casualness are the coolest trends to follow.

You can wear overcoats with trousers, jeans, low shoes or boat shoes.

3. Denim 

Keep it simple but stylish! You can choose any type of clothes, provided they're made from jeans material. Dilute this style with shirts, made from light, semi-transparent fabrics. You can also wear jerseys, jackboots and boat shoes. And, don't forget — flashy sew-on stripes are in this year! Use them to add some 'sex, drugs and rock-n-roll' vibes!

If you want your get-up to convey your inner freedom, this look is for you! The formula is as follows — flared, boiled, straight-cut jeans; intricate prints; fringes; knitwear and eye-catching accessories.  

The insolent rock-n-roll 90s look is at the apex of fashion right now, combined with some strict classic elements. This means lots of leather, high-waist jeans, t-shirts with prints, checkered shirts and artificial fur. 

6. Chiffon and silk 

One of the best ways to accentuate your exquisite beauty is to wear blouses made from flowing fabrics. A decorated or embroidered silk blouse is ideal for both business meetings and family dinners. Very popular at the moment are blouses with frills and long belts. You can combine them with classic-cut trousers, and fringed skirts or jeans. Don't forget that V-necks are all the rage this spring!

7. Layering and texture interplay

According to designers, the multiple layers and textures approach allows you to pick and mix pretty much any of your wardrobe's contents — lush ballet skirts, clothes with large logos and prints, combinations of sports style and classics. The motto for the 2016 season is: 'Keep experimenting!'

8. Clothes 'a la sportswear' 

The universally-popular sports style keeps undergoing changes. Sports clothes become more minimalist and unconventional. We advise you to have a look in shops selling attires for the more "exotic" types of sports, such as fencing and motorcycling. You can combine such items with all types of classic clothing.

9. Rampant colors and clear lines 

This year, spring brings us a profusion of juicy colors. Large colored stripes, checkered patterns, floral prints, metallic and the enticing rustle of palettes ... Such a composition is capable of inspiring any woman to look at the items on her clothes rack with renewed creative interest! The females on the Bright Side team are already busy making a mental list of clothes and accessories that'll make for a daring, romantic and utterly unforgettable image. What about you?

10. Leather jacket and maxi dress 

A long spring dress made from light fabrics is perfect for creating a playful, feminine look. As for the palette, it's best to pick items of similar color, with the addition of a few contrasting bright elements. Finally, introduce a dash of sensible rebelliousness by selecting that fashion perennial: a leather jacket!

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