The 7 best fall color trends to incorporate into your wardrobe

Fashion evolves and changes so quickly that sometimes we find it rather difficult to not get lost in the variety of new products and trends. You may think you're so in style right now, but before you know it the latest trends can switch to a different direction.

But don't worry! We at Bright Side have decided to come up with this list of the top 7 color trends for Fall-Winter 2016. Stick to the list and become the most popular fashion girl of the year.

Dark Teal

A vibrant blue-green color and all its shades - from emerald green to turquoise - are hands down one of the most popular colors of the year. Dark teal is definitely a must-have shade in your wardrobe for Fall-Winter 2016. To accentuate this rich color even more, opt for intricate patterns and thick fabrics.

Pink Pearl

Sophisticated pale pink (or powdery pink) is most often associated with sensitivity, tenderness, and romance. Don't be afraid to look too girly - white, burgundy, dark green, and even black go perfectly well with pink. A pink item will definitely add feminine flair and elegance to your outfit.

Aristocratic Dark Blue

Dark blue is surely moving ahead of other colors. Fur, suede, or leather items of dark blue color (cobalt blue and navy blue) will add confidence and an aristocratic look to your ensemble. Any shade of the blue family goes well with white, orange, and black.


This popular shade of burgundy is often called maroon, red wine, or marsala. It can be used as a strong accent to other colors or on its own for any occasion. Wearing something in marsala color, you'll look stunning both in your office and on a date.

All Shades of Orange

It seems like shades of orange are forming another big color trend of 2016. Fall-Winter collections are rich in orange garment pieces and accessories - from tangerine to coral. This must-have color for the upcoming season will look great in combination with black, white, and cream.

Purple and Mauve

Shades of purple gradually give place to other trendy colors, although something purple is still a good investment for this fall season. Purple and dark mauve will work best with dark blue or in combination with lilac accessories such as handbags, scarves, and hats.

Royal Blue

Royal blue, as well as electric blue and deep ultramarine shades, is also very popular in the Fall 2016 color palette. Eye-catching and sophisticated royal blue items will add a dose of mystery to your look. Invest in an electric blue coat and be sure everyone will notice you this fall.

Preview photo credit Happily Grey, Collage Vintage
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