The Bright Side’s Stylists Compared Clothes From Ordinary Stores to Haute Couture Collections

We at Bright Side decided to conduct a curious experiment: our stylists went to mass market stores and found outfits that look like those from famous designers and fashion houses.

We should clarify that, of course, the quality of these items aren’t always comparable. With this project, we want to show that you can dress with taste, be inspired, and search for interesting looks not only with expensive brands but also in simple stores.

*As we respect copyrights, we used only our own photos. You can find the comparison to the original in the links.

You can find this year’s popular silver pleated skirt both in the Gucci collection for $3,490 and approximately $70 in Zara.

In this quilted jacket from Bershka, you can notice the influence of Balenciaga, which had the same jacket in last year’s collection for $3,250.

You can buy a long dress with a round neckline at a big discount in Helmut Lang for $780. It is also at a discount in Bershka, but for around $7.

You can find a pink tulle skirt in the Rochas collection for $925 and in the Zara collection for approximately $45.

A khaki-colored bomber by Yves Saint Laurent for $1,610 and by H&M for about $52.

An ordinary black T-shirt. What could be cheaper? But the designers prove everything’s possible: it costs $313 at Yves Saint Laurent and around $14 at Pull&Bear.

You can find a similar type of two-color pleated skirt at Stella McCartney ($1,517) and in the mass market. The photo shows a skirt from Stradivarius for approximately $35.

Such an irreplaceable parka jacket can be found in Zara for $93 and at Yves Saint Laurent for $5,392.

This pleated metallic skirt from Mango at around $26 can become a more everyday version of a pleated golden skirt by Stella McCartney that costs $606.

Striped shirt by Max Mara for $162 vs Stradivarius shirt for $31.

Zara can help you find a reasonably priced alternative to the winter silver jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, which you can buy here.

This midi skirt can be found in Zara for around $45 and in the Valentino collection for $1,000...with a 70% discount.

You can find an equivalent to this red flared skirt by Paco Rabanne for $745 on the shelves of Zara for about $45.

As you know, every woman should have a little black dress. And, if it suits you, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from Karl Lagerfeld or from Mango.

A miniskirt with an ornament from Karl Lagerfeld costs $286. We found a similar-looking one in Mango for about $26.

Every woman probably has such a basic model in her wardrobe. You can buy it not only in the mass market, as we did at Bershka for approximately $17, but at Ralph Lauren for $890.

This black leather miniskirt from Stradivarius (around $34) is very similar to the skirt from Karl Lagerfeld for $427.

You can order this very nice biker jacket at IRO for $591 and in Zara for around $86.

Famous Chanel outfits inspire lots of brands. You can recognize a well-known silhouette in Zara for approximately $148.

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