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The Significant Differences Between BB, CC, DD, EE, and PP Creams, and How to Choose the Perfect One

BB creams have become very popular among women in a short space of time. They're designed to restore skin that's been damaged by cosmetic procedures.

Other similar creams have appeared in recent years: CC, DD, PP, and EE creams. We at Bright Side would like to tell you what distinguishes them from each other and what kind of skin each of them is suited for.

BB Creams

BB is short for "beauty balm." It can moisturize the skin of your face and soothe irritation, but it can't get rid of other moisturizing substances. It suits any kind of skin.

СС Creams

CC stands for "color control." These kinds of creams were created to revive sallow or red, sore-looking skin on the face. They contain elements that make your skin feel fresh and give it a smooth, even texture. They're not the best option for those with greasy or problem skin.

DD Creams

DD creams, with the letters standing for "daily defense," help protect and look after your skin. They are very good at protecting your skin from the rays of the sun. However, it's not worth using them too much as they can block up your pores. They work best on older skin.

PP Creams

PP or "pink perfect" cream is a base for applying makeup. The silicon particles they contain fill out all the uneven parts of the skin, making it smooth and even. PP creams suit any type of skin, but they should be used in conjunction with other face products. After applying it, you should add a layer of tonal cream over the top.

EE Creams

EE (extra exfoliation) creams renew the skin and get rid of dead cells, and they also protect the skin from the sun and moisturize it. Some of them combine defense against ultraviolet light with protection against acne. EE creams are not meant to be used very often, and they're not recommended for those with thin or sensitive skin.

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