This Artist Hilariously Tells of the Problems Every Girl Goes Through

Mary Park, also known as Murrz, is an artist and graphic designer from Los Angeles. She creates funny and realistic comics that all girls understand.

With the author’s permission, Bright Side shares some pictures and hopes they won’t leave you indifferent. You can find more comics on Murrz’s Facebook and Instagram.

Strong and independent


My diet

Romantic dinner

The nature of cats

The reason why I shouldn’t cry:

There are 2 types of girls:

Sing like nobody hears.

Prominent masterchef

When my boyfriend and I watch romantic movies:

Me vs. Instagram

When I spend all my money:

Sometimes you just wanna hide.

I’m getting sick of it.

Does this ring a bell with you, girls? Share your opinion in the comments!

Preview photo credit murrzstudio
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