This Girl Checked 10 Popular Beauty Tricks on Herself

New tips and hints on how to make yourself even more beautiful appear every day. But should we trust all of this advice?

We at Bright Side checked several of the most popular beauty tricks and were not disappointed.

Use tacky glue to remove excess nail polish

On the one hand, it works, and you really can remove excess polish. However, it'll take time for the glue to dry. Another option is to try and use petroleum jelly or hand cream instead of glue.

Dip your fingers into cold water to make nail polish dry faster

Maybe the water wasn't cold enough, but we weren't able to prove this tip: the polish dried at its usual pace. If you really want to spend less time on your manicure, use special polish-drying sprays.

To reanimate dried mascara, put it into hot water for 5 minutes

This advice is very simple: close the mascara, place it into hot water for five minutes, and it's as good as new. This trick is approved.

To make your nail polish matte, hold your nails over steam

Steam really helps make your polish matte. The only recommendation is to take care because the steam may scald you.

If you've run out of eyeliner, use mascara

Mascara can help you out if your eyeliner has suddenly gone dry: its color and texture are perfect for this. Just touch the mascara brush with the eyeliner tip and draw.

A toothbrush will help get rid of excess mascara

You really can comb your eyelashes with a toothbrush and give them extra volume at that. It goes without saying, though, that you can't use the brush for its direct purpose after this.

If you have no blush, use lipstick

Lipstick instead of blush is a time-tested life hack. The main rule here is to choose the right shade and blend the lipstick carefully.

Red lipstick and highlighter can conceal dark circles

We've not found anything useful here. You'll definitely not conceal dark circles (several layers of concealer are required just to get rid of the redness), and then you'll waste lots of wet tissues removing lipstick from under your eyes.

To make eyeliner accurate in one go, use a spoon

Great advice that's worth following. Just make sure your spoon hand doesn't shake.

To find where to put blush, put your index and middle fingers next to your nose

Put your index and middle fingers next to your nose, and start blending your cheek color from that spot, from mid-cheekbone to temple.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko exclusively for Bright Side

Model: Dilyara Faizullina

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