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Three tutorials for perfect curls without heat

Three tutorials for perfect curls without heat

Not all of us have been blessed with naturally curly hair. Curling wands and irons are usually the best way to create flawless curls, but with hot styling tools there is always a risk of damaging hair strands.

Fortunately, there are methods to achieve beautiful luscious waves without damaging your hair. We at Bright Side found three tutorials for you to create the no-heat wavy locks you've always dreamed of. 

Note: It's important to begin with slightly damp hair. You can use styling mousse or gel for extra hold. You may also use hair spray after styling to keep your curls intact all day.

1. Beachy waves

This tutorial is ultra simple:

  • Part slightly damp hair into two equal sections .
  • Pull the sections over your shoulders, twist them away from your face, and tie the ends (it is important that the strands are tight to achieve more defined waves). 
  • Tie the ends together with a small hairband.
  • Allow your hair to dry. The longer you wait, the tighter your waves will be.
  • Remove the bands, shake out your waves, and enjoy!

2. Hair band magic

Follow these steps:

  • Brush your hair, and lightly mist it with water just below the ear level.
  • Slide a headband over parted hair. If you use a decorative band, you can rock the 1920s updo style while you're waiting for your hair to curl.
  • Divide your hair into subsections.
  • Twist every strand away from your face, and loop the twists around and through the hairband one by one. Continue until all of your hair has been wrapped around the headband. Add smaller sections of hair for tighter curls.
  • Wait for a few hours (or overnight).
  • Release your hair, remove the headband, and run your fingers through the curls.

3. Siren waves

  • Untangle your hair and brush well.
  • Divide your hair into tufts of about two inches in thickness.
  • Twist each section into a rope, and keep twisting it until it curls in on itself and forms a bun, making sure it's not too tight against the scalp. Secure the ends with some bobby pins.
  • Wait a few hours (or get your beauty sleep).
  • Remove the pins, and shake out the waves.

With these methods, you no longer need to damage your hair with hot styling tools. Choose your favorite tutorial, and enjoy your flowy gorgeous curls!

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