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We’ve Found Fashion Trends That Need to Disappear Forever


Some women sleep in jeans with leggings under them to stretch the denim while some put Kleenex into their shoes because the store only carried the biggest size. We have all done strange things in the name of fashion, but some trends are definitely not worth our sacrifices.

Bright Side has collected a list of some of the worst fashion trends that shouldn’t live further than this post.

1. Saggy pants

It is not really about the jeans itself but about the way some people wear it. We’re sure you know what we mean... The older the generation, the more they joke about this trend because it not only looks ridiculous, but it must also be incredibly uncomfortable!

The whole concept of letting the world see your trousers came from skaters and hip-hop artists in the 1990s. Back then, it was a symbol of freedom, but it’s important to remember that it can also be considered illegal in some cases.

2. Too many patches

When punks started to use patches a few decades ago, they used to make them themselves and each patch had a symbolic meaning. That was a part of their rebellion — creating their own style. So if you want to be authentic, get ready to create your own patches as opposed to buying them.

3. Rat tails

Short in the back, short on the sides, and as long as you can imagine in one spot. Looks like it’s coming back — the strangest thing a man can do with his hair.

Like most strange trends, this one came from the ’80s too. By then, hippies with their beautiful hair were gone and men wanted to look more masculine, so ponytails were no longer an option, but a little rat tail is like saying: “I’m a man! But I’m not afraid to have a little bit of femininity in me. Just a little bit.”

4. Extreme cut out jeans

Jeans are clothes for rebels. From the Marlboro Cowboy to Paul McCartney. Blue, strong, and what’s most important — they’re durable and reliable. A few holes here and there are OK, but having a few inches of jeans here and there isn’t really the point of this article of clothing.

5. Shutter shades

Now that we know that pinholes glasses don’t really work, we can definitely say that shutter shades aren’t good for our vision, nor are they stylish. The plastic looks cheap and there’s nothing practical about the glasses at all.

6. Crocs

Yes, they’re comfortable and waterproof, but there are many things that are comfortable and waterproof, yet we don’t wear them outside. They were originally designed for people who required special foot care, but they somehow snuck into our day-to-day attire and even into the high-fashion world!

7. The romphim

It’s funny how the coolest guys just fell for these “baby suits.” Maybe it’s true what they say — boys are always children at heart. But it’s definitely not the most attractive attire.

8. Transparent lucite anything

There are many reasons why we wear clothes — to cover ourselves up, to stay warm, to be comfortable, and to be stylish. Transparent shoes and transparent clothing don’t leave much to the imagination, don’t help your body regulate its temperature, aren’t comfortable, and are definitely no longer stylish.

9. Uggs

It’s OK to wear Uggs a few times a year when it’s really freezing outside or when you’re just running out to the supermarket in the winter (even though they quickly get wet in the snow.) But they were created as comfortable shoewear to put on when it’s extremely cold — not to wear during an occasion as special as say, a wedding.

10. Men wearing oversized shirts

These shirts instantly remind you of someone who’s cleaning out their garage during a hot summer day, don’t they? This is not a good fashion choice because the shirts are usually made out of poor-quality material, which means that they lose their shape and start looking like an old pajama shirt that should’ve been thrown away decades ago.

11. Bucket hats

Bucket Hats are good for protecting your head from the sun or the rain while you are gardening but they are not good for anything else. Still, bucket hats keep coming and going from season to season.

The thing is that a lot of famous people used to wear them: Hunter S. Thompson, J.J. Evans, Elton John, Artur Jorge, Tenor Saw, Jay-Z, and more. The general style associated with these types of hats is close to “anti-style” so if that’s the look you’re going for, then you can go ahead and dig out your old bucket hat from the back of your closet.

12. Furry footwear

Yes, your new pink furry loafers are really cute, but only until the moment you go outside. We all know what happens to the new pair of white shoes on our streets and this is just leather or fabric! Fur is much more easy to stain, so in a few hours, it will look like you stepped on a poor animal and can’t shake it off.

13. Pajamas in public

The beauty of pajamas is that they’re comfortable and you can sleep in them. This beauty is completely lost when you put on your pajamas and go to work. The idea behind this trend is that by not spending time on what you’re going to wear, you can focus on the important things. While this is a great idea, unfortunately, it hasn’t spread widely enough for everyone to accept seeing pajamas worn outside without thinking that there’s something wrong with you.

14. Harem pants

The sudden trendiness of harem pants came to us from ancient Persia. The thing is that harem pants were a symbol of the Muslim women’s role as “patriarchal property” and “underdeveloped” personality back then. It’s not a good symbol and it’s definitely not a good look.

15. Overalls

Of course, overalls look good on Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, but that’s thanks to her, not the overalls. The fact is, overalls definitely make women look wider where they don’t necessarily want to look wider.

As for the men, maybe it doesn’t look so bad. Overalls as a part of a work outfit add a bit of masculinity. All of a sudden, it is easier to imagine a man chopping wood and building a house.

Which fashion trends do you dislike the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!