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You Need These Exercises to Look Gorgeous When Naked

The desire to have a luxurious body always lives in women, and the female half of the Bright Side team is no exception. This is why we’ve selected for you exercises to help get all your problem areas into shape and emphasize all the advantages of your body. As a bonus, all the exercises are easy to do at home.

Perfectly round butt

Initial position: Get on your palms and knees, hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips, back is straight.

Exercise: Lift a bent leg to hip level, and lower it down without touching the floor. Do 3 sets for each leg, 10-15 reps each depending on your level of fitness.

Initial position: For a bridge, lie on your back, knees bent. Your feet should be 30-40 cm away from your buttocks.

Exercise: Tighten your abdominal muscles, and, pushing your heels to the floor, lift your hips. Take a two-second pause before you lie back. This exercise should be done in 3 sets of 15 reps.

Firm breasts

Initial position: Front leaning rest. Shoulders over wrists, fingers pointing forward. Feet should be shoulder width apart, body forms a straight line.

Exercise: When breathing in, bend your elbows to a right angle, and go down. As you exhale, take the initial position. Repeat as many times as you can. If you still find push-ups difficult, you can do them standing on your knees.

Initial position: For this exercise, you’ll need dumbbells weighing 2-4 kg each. Take one in each hand. Lie on your back, knees bent, press your back tightly to the floor, arms to the sides.

Exercise: As you exhale, slowly lift your straight arms, slightly bending your elbows until the dumbbells touch each other. On the inhale, lower them slowly to the initial position.

Thin waist

Initial position: To perform twists, lie down on the floor. Bend your knees at a right (or approximately right) angle, feet flat on the floor.

Exercise: Having taken a deep breath, lift your upper body off the floor. Round your back, trying to reach your opposite knee with your elbow. Repeat in the opposite direction. It’s important not to take your lower back off the floor. It’s advisable to do 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each side.

Initial position: The plank is performed sideways with a straight arm. One leg (upper) stands on the edge of the foot behind; the other (lower) is a little bit ahead. Your free hand lies on a thigh.

Exercise: Lie on your left side. Leaning on the floor with your left hand, lift your thighs and legs, with feet and legs tightly closed, and toes facing forward. On the exhale, straighten your left arm and at the same time raise your right arm (hold it strictly on your left shoulder line), or leave your arm behind your head. To keep your balance, tighten your buttock muscles. Hold this position for 15 seconds (or as long as you can). Take a rest, and repeat 5 more times.

Slender legs

Initial position: Stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Lower your shoulders, and pull them back. Reach your arms forward.

Exercise: Gently pull your thighs back, and start bending your knees. When doing sit-ups, make sure your back remains straight, and your shoulders are not raised. 2 sets of 10-15 reps will be enough.

Initial position: Lying on your back, arms along your body.

Exercise: Lift your right leg high, lift your left one off the floor, and hold parallel to it. Then change legs. Do 15 reps on each leg.

Beautiful arms

Initial position: To do this exercise, you’ll need a low bench or a stout chair. Turn your back to the seat, bend your arms, and put your hands on the seat (your fingertips should point at your back). Legs should be bent.

Exercise: Push yourself away from the seat, straightening your arms. Your body is lifted. Bend your arms, lower your body. Don’t sit down on the floor. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

Initial position: Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take dumbbells in your hands, but don’t press them to your hips — lower them down, holding them in front of you with slightly bent arms. Slowly lean forward, keeping your back straight.

Exercise: Take a deep breath. From this position, start raising the dumbbells up with both arms simultaneously. Having lifted the dumbbells to shoulder level or slightly higher, exhale, take a small pause, and slowly lower your arms to the initial position. Do 10-12 reps.

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