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10 Anti-Aging Exercises Meghan Markle Does During Her Facials That You Can Do at Home

Meghan Markle’s favorite esthetician, Nichola Joss, created her own technique which helps to achieve glowing skin and keep a firm shape. This facial massage improves the tone and texture of the skin, encourages lymphatic drainage, gets rid of any puffiness, activates collagen production, trains the muscles to stay firm, and gives your face more contour. And it’s easy enough for anyone to learn and do at home. Make sure that you don’t miss the bonus at the end.

We at Bright Side believe that everyone deserves beautiful skin and we are very excited to tell our readers about how to achieve it.

1. Get oil.

Remember that a facial massage should not hurt. When you start, it might be a little bit painful, if it is, just don’t press as hard. Start by applying your favorite essential oil or any night moisturizer on your face and neck so when you massage, it doesn’t pull the skin. Put a few drops of the oil on your fingers, rub them for a few seconds to warm the oil to the body temperature.

2. Relax.

Close your eyes and cover your face with your hands, hold for a few seconds and then move hands to your neck. This is the preparation step to get the skin ready, so don’t apply much pressure and just relax.

3. Prepare your skin.

Apply a little bit of pressure and sweep your hands from the center of your face outward. At this stage you activate the lymphatic system and also warm up the skin and prepare it for the actual massage.

4. Small circles

Starting from the center of your face, begin rubbing the oil into the skin in small circular movements going outward and upward.

5. Across the jawline

Using your index and middle fingers on both hands, sweep across the jaw bone from your chin up to the ears. Apply slight pressure, but not too much. This is a great way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and make the contour of your face firm and tight. Repeat 6 times.

6. Lifting cheeks

Using your index and middle fingers, find the base of the cheekbones and move the fingers up while making V-shape. This exercise works on lifting your cheeks and preventing them from sagging. Repeat 6 times.

7. Cheekbones

With the inner side of your hands, press on the base of the cheekbones and drop your head onto your hands. Hold for about 10 seconds. Place the inner side of your hands on the base of the cheekbones and roll your hands under your cheekbones. Repeat 6 times.

8. Around your eyes

Massaging around your eyes will help with any puffiness or swelling. Start with a slight patting under the eyes with your index and middle fingers. This will warm up the area and prepare it for the massage. Place your index fingers near the corners of the eyes and start sweeping under the eyes with your middle fingers.

9. Forehead

Place your fingers just above your brows and apply some pressure, gliding outward and upward, up to the hairline. Repeat 6 times. This exercise targets the fine wrinkles on the forehead.

10. Neck

Place your hands on the middle of your neck and sweep from the center towards your shoulders with some pressure. Repeat 3 times each side.


Our hands also deserve to be spoiled. Rub your hands together until all the oil gets absorbed, and make sure that you don’t miss the fingers and the backs of your hands. Regular oil treatment will help with dryness and prevent wrinkles.

Are you thinking about giving this a try? Or maybe you have your own tips and tricks on how to keep your skin young and glowing? Tell us about them in the comments.

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side
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