10 Body Signs That Can’t Be Ignored

Your body has a way of speaking to you and it's important to listen carefully to what it tries to tell you. The ways to do that would be to pay attention to signs that it gives you, such as changes in the color of your body parts or sensations and desires that you find uncommon.

Bright Side advises you to listen to the signals of your own body no matter how strange they may seem.

1. Pink feet

The manufacturers of foot lotions often promise that you will have "baby feet." But if you noticed that your feet are really pink and the skin looks thin and wrinkled, you should get a blood test done to check your blood sugar levels. This symptom may indicate a metabolic problem, including diabetes.

The doctor you should see: endocrinologist.

2. Hugging sensation

Hugging is not always nice. If you sometimes feel as if someone is hugging you really tightly or tying you up around the waist, the body, or the legs, you should have a few tests done to exclude the risk of having multiple sclerosis. You might also have unpleasant sensations in your arms and legs — you might feel as if you are wearing gloves or heavy shoes. The feeling may vary from irritating to very painful, but anyway, you should pay attention to it.

The doctor you should see: neurologist.

3. Thinning eyebrows

If you notice that your eyebrows are becoming thinner, you should see a doctor and have your thyroid checked out. This may be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The doctor you should see: endocrinologist.

4. Swollen toes

Even if you have clear skin, no irritation, no itching, but your toes resemble sausages, you should see a doctor. This symptom might signal psoriatic arthritis.

The doctor you should see: dermatologist; rheumatologist.

5. Loss of appetite

Not wanting to eat shouldn't be considered a gift from the fitness gods. If you're experiencing a sudden loss of appetite and notice that you're losing weight, it may be a symptom of some metabolic disorder. If you also have acid reflux, this may be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The doctor you should see: gastroenterologist.

6. Itchy skin

If you notice that you have itchy skin, this may be a sign of diabetes. But before you see a doctor, check the itchy spot: the itch may be caused by an insect bite or an allergic reaction to a new lotion or a low-quality fabric. If none of these reasons explain the itch, you should see a doctor for an examination.

The doctor you should see: endocrinologist

7. Intolerance of being inside

If you are one of those people who always ask to open the windows in public transportation or at home and it's way easier for you to breath outside than at home or at work, you should have your heart tested to exclude the risk of cardiac failure. Also, your thyroid might need to be tested, as well, because hypothyroidism is accompanied with this symptom.

The doctor you should see: cardiologist, endocrinologist.

8. Intolerance of open windows

However, if you are cold even in the summer, you still need to have your thyroid checked. Your body might lack iodine and this deficiency may lead to hypothyroidism.

The doctor you should see: endocrinologist.

9. Sudden onset of kleptomania

Sudden ignorance of the law and the wish to steal something small even if you can easily pay for it, may be the first sign of dementia. Unfortunately, very few people are ready to admit the problem and ask for help. That's why we should pay more attention to our relatives, especially the elderly.

The doctor you should see: therapist; neurologist; psychiatrist.

10. Changes in your nails

If you notice that your nails are changing shape and are becoming thicker and wider, this may indicate that you have heart problems. But you should remember that nail clubbing is not a disease on its own, it's only a symptom of a pathological process in your body that can be caused by multiple diseases, so you should have a full examination.

The doctor you should see: therapist; cardiologist.

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Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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