10 Health Tips From Celebs Who Know All About Getting in Shape

According to some studies, 1 in 4 teenagers admit that they are more influenced by celebrities than people they know. That's why popular role models are constantly trying to encourage their fans' social and personal development and promote a healthy lifestyle by being a good example of how to achieve success.

Bright Side gathered the simplest and, at the same time, most effective tips shared by our favorite stars that you can easily follow to get your body in shape.

10. Stay away from highly processed and refined foods.

Zac Efron went through a gigantic transformation for his role in Baywatch in 2017. He got lean and ripped muscles with only 5% body fat. His workout plan was insane, but his diet was even tougher.

Reportedly, Zac stayed away from all processed and non-organic foods. He also had to cut out sugar and flour products.

9. Consistency is the key.

For his breakthrough role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt dropped 60 pounds of weight in 6 months! When asked what his secret was, Chris claimed that it was all about consistency. You have to keep your goal in mind and work on it every single day.

Pratt also wants us to be realistic and patient. “You can’t build up your body in a month,” he says.

8. Use mixed workouts.

Kim Kardashian gained weight after giving birth to her second child. In order to get back to her famous shape, Kim hired a personal trainer.

Her workout plan included a series of mixed trainings – low-intensity interval trainings followed by high-intensity ones. At the end of each training session, Kardashian also lifted weights. As we can see now, this combination let Kim not only lose weight, but also keep her beautiful curves.

7. Sugar is your biggest enemy.

Susan Boyle became famous for her incredible voice after participating in Britain's Got Talent, 2009. At the age of 55, Boyle was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and she decided to totally change her lifestyle.

Susan eliminated all sweets from her diet. The result is stunning - she lost a lot of weight and her health improved significantly.

6. Cut out booze.

The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis surprised everyone when he showed up slim and fit at the 2017 Emmys. Talking about his weight loss, Zach says that all he had to do was cut out alcohol. Galifianakis adds that vodka and sausages might be delicious, but they're bad for your body.

5. Starting is the hardest part.

Jonah Hill's transformation is just incredible! The actor had always been kind of chunky, but after he had gained 40 pounds for his role in War Dogs, Jonah decided it was time to change everything.

He made a call to his 21 Jump Street co-star, Channing Tatum, and asked for some tips on how to lose weight. Gorgeously shaped Channing advised Hill to just start. "It is the easiest thing in the world," said Tatum to his friend. And as we can see, Jonah followed the advice.

4. Sleep properly.

Melissa McCarthy dropped a significant amount of weight (75 pounds) for her new role. The actress revealed her diet and fitness plan, and they both look really intense. Melissa follows a high-protein and low-carb diet and she works out seven days a week.

However, as McCarthy says, her real secret to losing weight is sleeping. She goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. and sleeps a lot in order to allow her body enough time to recover and build up muscle. As strange as it seems, Melissa's secret works.

3. Eat in small portions.

The famous diva, Christina Aguilera, gained over 60 pounds after her breakup with her husband in 2010. But she managed to get back in shape.

Christina says that the main secret of losing weight is to eat small portions of food as often as possible. The singer consumes three meals and four snacks a day with a total of 1600 calories. This way she's never hungry and loses weight naturally.

2. Pay attention to what you eat.

The stunning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson, went from size 16 to 6! Now Jennifer maintains her weight of 138 pounds.

Hudson reveals that she doesn't work out a lot because of her strict schedule, but she is very conscious about all the food she eats during the day. Basically, she just writes down everything she consumes. And no fried food, no pizza, no pasta. It seems tough, but the result is definitely worth it.

1. Don't rush.

American Idol star, Jordin Sparks, dropped 50 pounds of weight by starting slow with a simple walk around the neighborhood. After that, when she felt she was ready, Jordin increased the intensity of her trainings.

That's the key to weight loss - don't rush and put all your strength into losing a large amount of weight all at once, you will only harm your body and you'll probably gain it back quickly. Forget about the "lose 30 pounds in a month" diets if you want to get rid of your extra weight in a healthy way.

Do you usually follow these pieces of advice or have your own secret healthy techniques to get in shape? Share them with us in the comments!

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