10 Organic Oils to Give You a Gorgeous Tan

10 Organic Oils to Give You a Gorgeous Tan

Believe it or not, but since the invention of sunscreen, the number of people with melanoma has increased dramatically. Scientists are still not sure if your must-have item for the beach is really safe.

We at Bright Side have carried out our own research, and we were quite surprised to find that there are many natural substitutes for sunscreens. Check out the tips for how to make a DIY sunscreen at the end of the article.

How to use natural oils:

In order to avoid dry or irritated skin, mix organic oils with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (available in a dissolvable powder at your local drugstore). They create a physical barrier to protect your skin from the sun. Mix together 1 glass of oil (or a mixture of several oils with tan activators) and 2 tablespoons of powder. Stir until dissolved, and your DIY natural sunscreen is ready.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure no matter which type of sunscreen you use. Enjoy your sunbathing!

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