10+ Reasons for Sudden Blurry Vision We Didn’t Expect to Learn About

A sudden loss of the sharpness of your eyesight, aside from being annoying, might also be a warning from your body that something needs medical attention. Other than the usual eye conditions that cause objects to appear out of focus and hazy, blurry vision can be linked to more severe diseases and should be checked ASAP.

At Bright Side we did some extensive research on the possible roots of this problem and we present them to you in this article.

1. Obesity

Doctors say that our body weight is associated with our eye health. Obesity is associated with many eye diseases, like cataracts. In the case of a patient who had gained a vast amount of weight and suddenly started losing their vision, a doctor found that their obesity was the cause. The patient was then placed on a low-fat diet in order to lose weight, along with oral medication to help recover their vision.

2. Migraine

heavy migraine could also cause trouble with eyesight and, more specifically, cause blurry vision along with light flashes, wavy lines, and spots. This type of migraine is called a migraine with aura, which is a heavy headache; the issues with your vision are usually the symptoms that happen before the migraine hits. Sometimes it even leads to a partial or full loss of vision for a while. In that case, aside from medication prescribed by a doctor, being in a quiet and dark place while experiencing the migraine helps.

3. A reaction to depression, anxiety, or grief

Mental health issues often lead to serious psychosomatic problems, especially for people dealing with anxiety disorders or depression. A study in the UK found that among more than 100,000 volunteers who experienced blurred vision, a great percent also suffered from mental health problems. According to the experts, grief, which is an extremely strong and painful feeling, can cause vision loss or blurry vision and sudden illnesses along with the actual psychological symptoms.

4. Epilepsy

During an epileptic seizure, someone might experience, among the other symptoms, a loss of vision and blurry eyesight. The effect is the most severe in more complex seizures when the person also loses consciousness. Epilepsy is actually one of the oldest diagnosed diseases and it’s usually controllable.

5. Pregnancy

This might come as a surprise to you, but pregnancy is also one of the probable causes of blurry vision. Sometimes mother’s to be experience eye-problems, which are the result of hormonal changes. Even though it is common and it disappears over time, doctors advise regular check-ups for high blood pressure and diabetes.

6. Pink eye

There is probably no one on earth who hasn’t experienced what we call “a pink eye” at least once. This intense redness and swelling of our eyelid is scientifically called conjunctivitis, and in addition it causes fuzzy vision, tearing, and sometimes burning and itching. Usually, it’s a result of allergies or a virus, and it’s necessary to have it checked by an eye doctor.

7. Brain tumor

This is a rare one, but unfortunately, it is also a possibility. A brain tumor can cause, among other symptoms, trouble with eyesight — like blurry vision, and nausea. The tumor presses on the brain and this pressure can cause several different symptoms in several areas of our body, including the eyes.

8. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that might seriously affect our vision. Aside from skin symptoms, like pain, redness, and irritation, psoriasis can cause an eye condition called uveitis, which is an inflammation of the eyes that leads to blurry vision and a sensitivity to light. In that case, you’ll need to treat the uveitis separately.

9. Stroke

Doctors are really explicit when talking about this one; if you experience a sudden blurry vision accompanied by one or more symptoms like dizziness, loss of balance, facial and body numbness, problems speaking, or weakness, call an ambulance because you might be having a stroke. The sudden changes in vision are one of the most common indicators that a stroke is about to hit.

10. High or low blood pressure

Preeclampsia is a serious disease that is linked to very high blood pressure and protein in the urine. It usually affects women who’ve never had high blood pressure, but experience it during pregnancy. Any sudden change in eyesight during pregnancy should be checked, according to doctors.

On the other hand, hypotension (low blood pressure) can also cause blurred vision, dizziness, and nausea. It is a really common condition, that is usually harmless, and the symptoms don’t last more than a few minutes. In those cases, just lie down or sit with your feet in the air to help the blood flow through your body.

11. Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease messes with our nervous system and, unfortunately, our vision might also be affected by it. Starting with blurry eyesight, the problem may become worse, leading to a partial or complete loss of vision. Basically the disease affects the way we move our eyes, which causes an inability to focus and see properly.

12. Hyperthyroidism

In the case of hyperthyroidism, feelings of weakness and exhaustion are really common, blurry vision included. In this condition, the thyroid gland doesn’t work properly, producing a higher amount of hormone than needed, which means that our body is working at full throttle and that causes fatigue and all the other related symptoms.

13. Diabetes

Blurry vision, especially when combined with weight loss, can be a sign of diabetes. Depending on its type, diabetes can cause an eye condition called diabetic retinopathy. High blood sugar, which is basically what the diabetes disease creates, slowly damages the blood vessels in the retina of our eyes. Fuzzy vision and a partial or full loss of vision are some reasons to check our eye health consistently, especially if we are diabetic.

Our eyes are our guides, we should check them regularly. What are your daily habits for maintaining a healthy body? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

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