10 Reasons for Vision Loss It’s Better to Learn When You’re Young

Nobody wants their vision to deteriorate. However, almost all of us make mistakes that hurt our eyes on a daily basis.

Bright Side decided to find out what everyday habits may lead to the deterioration of our vision.

1. We use one cosmetic product for too long.

Eye doctors recommend getting rid of eye makeup that you have been using for more than 3 months. The reason is simple: the bacteria that piles up on them can cause an infection.

2. We eat too much wheat.

Wheat leads to the rise of insulin levels in the body. According to scientists, it may cause the eyeball to stretch which is the reason for being short-sighted. And even though researchers doubt that wheat is the reason why there are so many short-sighted people in the world, they proved that it definitely affects the development of the eyes.

3. We use eye drops without a prescription.

If you started using eye drops without a prescription, it means that you often experience discomfort in your eyes. However, the drops can only be a temporary relief.

Because this method won’t help you with the actual problem, we recommend that you see a specialist before you buy more eye drops.

4. We don’t drink enough water.

If we drink fewer than 8 glasses of water a day, our body starts suffering from dehydration. It leads to a low production of tears, so we feel that our eyes are dry.

5. We don’t use sunglasses in the winter.

Doctors warn that UV radiation that is reflected by ice and snow can become the reason for the so-called snow blindness. The symptoms are swelling, double vision, and watery eyes. This is why eye doctors recommend wearing sunglasses even in the winter.

6. We don’t sleep enough.

If your eyes didn’t have enough rest, you might have such symptoms as unfocused vision, dark circles, and nervous tics.

7. We hold books too close to our eyes when we read.

Scientists see a strong connection between the way a person reads and the condition of their vision. Researchers are convinced that people who can’t spend a day without a book and keep them too close to their faces are often short-sighted.

8. We regularly rub our eyes.

If you rub tired or itchy eyes, it’ll give you temporary relief. However, if you rub your eyes regularly, you can change the shape of the cornea.

9. We work under stressful conditions.

If you experience pain or discomfort in the eyes when working with a computer, it’s probably not because of the monitor. Scientists believe that these symptoms are common among people who work in an emotionally unstable atmosphere. And the people who love their jobs usually have no complaints about eyes.

10. We forget to remove contact lenses.

Your cornea receives oxygen from the air when we are awake and it receives moisture from our tears when we are asleep. But when you wear contact lenses for 24 hours, the cornea doesn’t have a source of the necessary elements it needs, so it becomes weaker.

Do you make any of these mistakes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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