10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating

10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating

What if you constantly want to munch on something? First, you need to understand why you are hungry and whether you’re truly hungry at all.

Bright Side will help you figure it out and decide what to do. Let’s study this carefully and work on our mistakes.

1. Thirst

If you’ve recently eaten well and yet are hungry again, recall when you last drank water. Drink one glass, and wait for a while. The feeling of hunger will subside, and you might even realize it wasn’t there at all.

The rule: Keep drinking. The best option is to train your body to consume a lot of water in the morning and half an hour before each meal.

2. Empty calories

"Get something tasty." This is where empty calories come from. Sweet snacks, even in small quantities, only excite the appetite, not saturating the body with useful nutrients.

The rule: Reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates, and try to eat healthy food.

3. Lack of sleep

With 7-8 hours of sound sleep, the feeling of hunger will not wake you during the night. At night, our body produces the hormone melatonin, which is responsible not only for the proper operation of our organs but also for our appearance.

The rule: Fall asleep before midnight to look fresh and beautiful.

4. Behavior under stress

We are all divided into 2 categories with regard to stress: those who can’t even look at food, and those who know that a delicious cake will help in any terrible situation. If you belong to the second group, this point is for you.

The main rule is to remember that stress is not an excuse to conquer candy stores. Call your relatives, chat about pleasant things, take a walk in the park, go for a workout, read an exciting book, or watch an interesting TV show. Do something useful instead of sobbing over a bucket of ice cream. That’s what we try to do anyway.

5. Improper snacks

Alcohol stimulates appetite. Therefore, before a party with friends, take care of your menu in advance.

The rule: Choose light, healthy snacks. There are subtleties for each drink. For example, bruschetta with grilled vegetables will be perfect to reveal the taste of red wine. Google is your friend here!

6. Lack of protein

Don’t forget to include protein in your diet because it charges you with vivacity, energy, and a sense of satiety.

The rule: Vegetables and fruits are, of course, good, but protein is the basis of the diet. There's Greek yogurt, lean meat, chicken, eggs, and many other products to fill up on protein, so no excuses.

7. Lack of the right fats

There are different kinds of fat. Fast, fried, fatty, smoked, and floury foods should be left for special occasions. But useful fats should be on our weekly shopping list: olive oil, red fish, nuts, avocado, and seeds. Don’t sacrifice the essential building blocks in your pursuit of a perfect body. They will help.

The rule: We exclude trans fats.

8. Poor regime

Normally, we should have 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 light snacks. You shouldn’t skip them.

The rule: Small portions at approximately equal intervals.

9. Instagram (wait, what?)

The trend of Instagramming beautiful meals makes us constantly think about food. We scroll through Instagram or look for what to cook in the evening — and we get hungry.

The rule: Minimize your daily intake of food photos.

10. Snacking on the go

From childhood, we are taught that it is prohibited to rush a meal at the table. And, as it turns out, this is not just a whim of our parents but a very important principle of food consumption. Gobbling something up, our body has no time to understand anything and again asks for food.

The main rule is to relax and treat your food intake as a pleasant ritual.

Another trick for deceiving your body is to chew every mouthful a bit longer.

Good luck with changing your habits! Everything is possible, one step at a time.

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