10 Things It’s Recommended We Quit Doing to Visit Doctors Less Often

If we ask people about their most harmful habits, they'll probably mention smoking, alcohol abuse, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle. They're right about this but there are also some everyday things that can affect our health.

If it's hard for you to focus and if you're always forgetting something, try to remember how often you drink coffee while you're on the move.

Bright Side found out 10 everyday habits that look harmless but can have a bad influence on your body.

10. Drinking from a can

Many people like to drink beverages from cans. But just imagine what happens to that can before you buy it: there are millions of bacteria on the can's lid. Germs can cause sores on the lips and indigestion. Specialists recommend pouring your canned drink into a glass or using a straw.

9. Putting a bag on a chair or a bed

When women come home, they put their bags on a chair or their bed. Then they change clothes, wash their hands, and sit in the same place where their bags were. This carelessness can lead to sores and other unpleasant things. Leather bags are the most dangerous ones: their spongy texture provides the perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

8. Wearing a tie everyday

American researchers claim that a tight tie constricts the jugular vein which increases pressure in the eyeballs. This can lead to glaucoma and blindness. It was also found out that men don't pay enough attention to washing their ties which means that they can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

7. Drinking coffee from plastic cups

You can buy tasty coffee almost everywhere nowadays. But the thing is, the amount of dangerous bisphenol A that gets into our coffee from plastic cups is most dependent on the liquid‘s temperature: the higher the temperature inside your coffee cup, the more bisphenol A you'll drink. This chemical agent affects our cell growth, concentration, energy level, and reproductive functions.

This doesn't mean you have to quit coffee to give birth to healthy children, just buy a travel mug that is bisphenol A free.

6. Choosing a salad instead of a burger

There are so many different salads and some of them can be really unhealthy and contain harmful ingredients like heavy dressings, potatoes, and pickled vegetables. So if you're trying to decide between a salad (that looks like the salad on the left) and a chicken burger, we recommend you to choose the burger. Good burgers contain fresh vegetables and relatively healthy meat.

To avoid having to see a nutritionist, exclude salads that contain these 3 ingredients: cheese, meat, and creamy dressings.

5. Doing household chores on your own

American doctors found out that our daily cleaning routine can cause high blood pressure. The thing is, we worry about all things that should be done, get upset because our family doesn't help us, and get angry that we have to manage everything on our own.

Before you go to a drugstore to buy pills to deal with this, try to understand how much effort and time you spend on household duties and make a pact to share all responsibilities with your family.

4. Turning to Dr. Google for help

According to studies, 80% of internet users try to diagnose themselves online. The internet isn't the most reliable source of information. Sometimes people just waste precious time trying to figure out what's going on with them instead of visiting a doctor. Some people even turn into hypochondriacs after searching on Google and start to think that their symptoms are signs of a serious disease.

3. Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners

Diet coke has nothing in common with a healthy lifestyle. People who follow these types of "diets" usually suffer from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Researchers think that most sugar substitutes are as harmful as sugar, especially if they contain aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. So if you want to eat healthy food, choose natural sources of "good" sugar like stevia.

Stevia is way more sweet than sucrose. In contrast to ordinary sugar, stevia supplies our body with carbohydrates, vitamins, and elements. By the way, it's the most low-calorie natural sweetener.

2. Incorrect breathing

There are more than 25 varieties of breathing techniques. Babies usually breathe correctly, and adults do it in such a wrong way that they can harm their health. People usually breathe with their chest which doesn't let oxygen reach the lower parts of the lungs.

If our blood doesn't get enough oxygen, our body doesn't burn fat and you won't be able to get rid of excess weight. Additionally, the lack of air affects the way our cardiovascular system works. In this case, the blood doesn't get enriched with nutrients and our body starts accumulating toxins.

Belly breathing is way better: make a short pause between inhale and exhale.

1. Using a toilet the wrong way

Scientists have proven that sitting on a toilet is harmful. Human physiology is better suited to the squat because it doesn't require much effort and it helps you reduce the risk of diverticulosis or hemorrhoids.

It's not that easy to follow this rule in the modern world, but there is an alternative: put your feet on a small bench while sitting on a toilet so that the angle between your body and hips is 30°. You can buy one of these benches at a store or use a simple one. Don't forget that you shouldn't spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet and playing mobile games or doing computer work as this is not good for your body.

Are there any other harmful habits that we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments.

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