10 Traits of a Psychopath

When you hear the word "psychopath," most likely you remember dangerous guys from crime dramas and numerous Hollywood movies. However, we encounter such people in the real world too, even though this deviation is very rare — only 1% of the entire population of Earth has it.

Bright Side and a team of psychologists from Psych2Go suggest that you observe yourself and other people to find out a lot of interesting things.

Psychopaths are very different from other people because they lack such feelings as empathy, trust, and forgiveness. They also know very well how to use someone else's vulnerability. They hurt other people without even thinking.

Such people are off the charts in terms of manipulations. Other people manipulate someone else unconsciously or to get some benefits, whereas psychopaths do it only because they enjoy the process itself.

Psychopaths are often inconsistent about their actions. They think that the things they want are much more important than what other people want. And you can never make them answer for their mistakes or failures. They will blame you for their own mistakes to stress you out.

Such people are narcissists in a very bad way. They are sure that they are superior to others who they don't care about. And most often this is just an illusion. However, if a psychopath is actually talented, they can achieve incredible results.

Lying is very simple for such people. They are not just two-faced – they have many faces. In most cases, their actions don't match their words. They lie to everyone without a good reason, and they don't even try to hide it.

Psychopaths can be extremely charming. Many people don't realize that this is a deception. They flatter very well, and they can give an amazing 30-minute speech that everyone will listen to with interest. But don't hope for a sincere conversation.

Such people think that behavior rules, morality, and laws are unnecessary regulations. They don't understand the point of these regulations, so they steal, break driving rules, and deceive other people without feeling guilty. Their favorite thing to do is set up other people.

Psychopaths constantly need a thrill in their lives. They are bored. They can offend other people or even do something very bad while looking for such emotions. They are attracted to stress. The best solution for them is extreme sports.

The first signs of bullying can be noticed in school. Psychopaths are usually those who initiate bullying. After they grow up, they start attacking their colleagues or neighbors. Soft people who can't fight back are psychopaths' usual victims. Psychopaths also bully people who they envy.

Power is their dream. All psychopaths desire it. And it's not about fair power. It's about undivided parasitic authority. They love it when they control everyone and everything, hiring and firing people only based on what they want, not on objective facts.

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