10 Unusual Ways to Get Rid of Excess Calories With Minimal Effort

10 Unusual Ways to Get Rid of Excess Calories With Minimal Effort

Most of us associate losing weight with exhausting workouts, strict diets, and other unpleasant things. But it turns out that we can get rid of excess weight using surprisingly easy methods like sitting in front of the TV - you just have to pick the right movie.

Bright Side has gathered the most unusual ways to burn excess calories. Some of them are really incredible.

10. Shopping

Shopping is more exhausting than you can imagine. First, it lasts for more than 2-3 hours. Second, your bags turn your stroll into a workout with weights. A three-hour shopping trip equals a one-hour stationary bike training that burns 500 calories!

9. Cleaning

Housework becomes way more appealing if you keep in mind that it helps keep your body fit. 30 minutes of ordinary cleaning burns around 85 calories which are equal to a 15-minute abdominal workout. And a thorough cleaning consumes almost 170 calories.

8. Wine

According to researchers from Canada's University of Alberta, a glass of dry red wine is able to replace an hour in the gym. The compounds inside of the drink help speed up the heart, work, and muscle productivity, and the resveratrol helps convert white fat into brown.

7. Singing

Singing involves many different muscles and is a great workout. To get rid of 100 calories, you need to complete one hour of singing or 15 minutes of intensive push-ups. Isn't it a great reason to please your neighbors in the morning during your shower?

6. Sleep

When you wake up and say, "Five more minutes," you give your body the opportunity to burn some additional calories. According to research, if you sleep naked for a month, the amount of brown fat cells and metabolic activity will increase. And of course, it will have an impact on your body's shape.

5. Donating blood

According to research held at the University of California, people burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood. You burn almost the same amount of calories if you swim for an hour at a rapid pace. But remember that losing calories is just a bonus that you get after doing a really great thing like donating blood.

4. Kisses

This method will help you lose over 60 calories if you kiss for an hour. You'll lose the same amount of calories if you have a fast 5-minute run. And if you add some passion to your kisses, the number of calories burned will grow to up to 90! Of course, you won't lose that much, but the kisses are a pleasant bonus.

3. Laughing

Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers claim that laughing for 10-15 minutes burns 10-40 calories. It depends on emotions: gut-wrenching laughter will burn more calories than low-pitched giggling. You'll lose the same 40 calories if you do squats for 10 minutes.

2. Male company

According to research, women eat less and order smaller servings when they dine in the company of men. And it's easily explained: women try to meet certain societal standards. The less they eat, the slimmer their body will be. Isn't it a great reason to go out on dates?

1. Horror movies

Scientists are sure that watching horror movies stimulates adrenaline production. Adrenaline reduces the appetite and boosts metabolism.

Here's a list of movies that contribute to losing weight:

All these methods will help you lose excess calories while doing pleasant things but they can't fully replace physical activity. Neither singing or movie watching will help you get bigger muscles or make your body shape perfect. Use these tips in addition to sports activities.

We bet women like method #10 the most. Is that right? Let us know!

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