10 Weird Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Workspace Healthier

People spend a great part of their day at their workplaces, and most of this time is spent sitting. Continuous sitting for long hours can adversely affect our health. While it might not be possible to engage in an active lifestyle during this time, some changes in our workspace can certainly make it a lot healthier.

Bright Side brings you some innovative things you can do that will go a long way in ensuring that your workspace is healthy and interesting.

10. Standing desk

We normally spend our day sitting at our desk at work. We suggest ditching the desk and consider working at your workstation standing. Standing not only lowers the chances of becoming obese but also helps control your blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

9. Bicycle desk

While getting a permanent standing desk might sound too tiring to some, getting a bicycle desk will certainly be a more feasible alternative. You have the option of pedaling when you get health conscious, and just sitting on the bicycle seat if you get tired. What makes this option more lucrative is that you can make it at home and take it to your office.

8. Hamster-wheel workstation

It might sometimes appear that working at the office is just like running on the hamster wheel – lots of effort and still no progress. Keep in mind that the hamster is able to derive joy from it, for it is always the honest effort that counts and not the destination. Use this hamster-wheel standing desk to get both your karma and health right. After all, experts agree that walking is better than mere standing.

7. Swiss Ball Chair

Swiss balls are highly recommended in offices for sitting since they help actively engage the abdominal and back muscles enabling you to maintain the proper sitting posture, thereby reducing the chances of backaches.

6. Stand-assist chairs

While this portable stand-assist chair might look a bit funky, it gives you the best of both worlds, you get the comfort of sitting and the health benefits of standing.

5. Stress balls

Stress balls are a great way to unwind, but sometimes they might get lost. Don't go by the looks of it, the hanging stress balls surely solve that problem. Being stuck on the underside of the table keeps it safe not only from getting lost but also from the prying eyes of your colleagues who might otherwise not mind borrowing it from you just for the sheer joy of being able to play with it.

4. Dartboard with a face

Had a disagreement with your boss? Was your request for vacation denied? There are many occasions when we would like to throw punches at people at the office. But hold on, there are better ways to vent your anger. After all, we all know that being angry or upset decreases productivity. If you are angry or upset with someone, try using a dartboard with the person's photograph pasted over it. Trust us, it can work magic.

3. Take the stairs

We all know that using the stairs is better than using the elevator. But we often come up with reasons such as the lack of time, running late for a meeting, or being tired and this brings us to use the elevator much more often than taking the stairs. Offices can change that by getting a little creative and reminding people to take the healthier path.

2. Napping at work

While it is accepted and encouraged in Japan to let employees take a nap at work, the rest of the world normally usually frowns upon napping during office hours. Recent research proves that having a power nap increases creativity and productivity among employees. So the next time you catch someone napping at work, look at it as the employee's commitment to his work.

1. Climbing wall

It's not without reason that the offices of Google consistently rank as the best workplaces. The climbing wall they erected at one of their offices is surely a great way to help employees have some fun and stay healthy.

If you are an employer, you can incorporate some of these innovations in your office. If you are an employee, you can share this article with your employer. We are sure they will find some of these suggestions interesting. Also, let us know which of these suggestions you think can be adopted by you. Let's make our workspaces great again!

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