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11 Effective Ways to Get Perfect Calves

11 Effective Ways to Get Perfect Calves

Calves are very difficult muscles to change, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. There are simple and very effective exercises that don’t require any equipment. It may take a little longer to get your calves in next-to-perfect shape because calves don’t respond to exercising as quickly as other muscles, but consistency is the key to success.

Bright Side picked a few exercises to help you achieve your goal. And at the end of your hard work, you will have calves that will make Kylie, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé jealous.

Don’t forget to check the most important part — the bonus.

1. Split jumps using dumbbells

This is a very simple but effective exercise. Hold the dumbbells at your sides with one leg in front of the other in the lunge position. Jump up, and change legs.

2. Calf raises

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your heels, and then lower back down. You can use dumbbells to increase the impact. Make sure your body moves straight upward, not bending forward or backward.

3. Running on stairs

This is something you can do anywhere and anytime. Try to do it for 10–15 minutes a few times a week, and the difference will surprise you. Of course, you should not do it if you have issues with your knees or ankles.

4. Pistol squat

Keep your hands at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. Raise one leg, and lower your body as far as you can manage. Pause, stand up, and change legs.

5. Reverse dumbbell lunge

Hold the dumbbells at the side of your body, and step back into a lunge. Make sure your front leg is at a 90° angle. Step back, and change legs.

6. Goblet squat

This is a complex exercise covering a few muscle groups. Hold a dumbbell or a kettlebell next to your chest, and lower your body as far as you can. Pause, and stand up to the initial position.

7. Tiptoe walk

Hold the dumbbells at the side of your body, raise your heels, and walk on your toes for one minute. Rest, and then repeat.

8. Seated calf raises

For this exercise, you can use specific gym equipment or just a chair and set of dumbbells. Make sure that the chair height allows you to have your knees at 90°. Raise your heels, and then lower back down.

9. Farmer’s walk

This exercise is similar to the tiptoe walk, but you walk on your full feet instead of just your toes. Make sure that you keep your body straight. Simple and effective.

10. Jump rope

This is a great exercise not only to sculpt your legs but also for cardio fitness and balance. Just put on your favorite music, and have fun!

11. Mountain climbers

This exercise is very effective for your legs and core. Get into a push-up position, pull one knee to your chest, and quickly switch legs. Make sure that your core is tight and your back stays straight.

Bonus: Stretching

Every trainer and athlete knows that stretching is just as important as good exercising. It improves muscle flexibility, increases blood flow, and decreases the chance of getting an injury. We strongly suggest not skipping it.

Do you think we forgot to mention something important? Or maybe you have your own story? Share it with us in the comments.

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