15 Genuinely Effective Ways to Get in Shape That Don’t Take a Huge Amount of Effort

15 Genuinely Effective Ways to Get in Shape That Don’t Take a Huge Amount of Effort

Bright Side has prepared some advice for you that doesn't involve spending the whole night at the gym or spending your lunchtime checking your calorie intake with a calculator. These tips are something else: seemingly insignificant things you can do that produce real results when you want to lose weight.

15. Wait 10 minutes

Research indicates that the desire to eat something lasts an average of 10 minutes, and then it falls away. As soon as you want to eat something, start a ten-minute timer in your head. Do something useful during this time to distract yourself.

14. Sitting down for a long time is harmful

It's a well-known fact that a sedentary way of life slows down your metabolism. But even a quick walk up to another floor of the office or going to get a coffee once every few hours can correct this. It'll be even better if you spend at least two hours a day standing up. When sitting down we burn 100 calories an hour; when standing up, it's 140. Remind yourself of this simple fact a little more often.

13. Drink water

It's all so simple. Our bodies often confuse hunger with thirst. So next time you feel hungry, try simply drinking some water or cold tea. If your hunger doesn't pass in about 10-20 minutes, then it's time to eat something.

12. Leave carbonated drinks to others

There's no point writing yet another lengthy explanation about why carbonated drinks are not a good idea. All you really need to know is that they can destroy any progress you've made toward getting the body you want. Just one liter of cola contains no less than 90 g of sugar! It's just not worth it - drink tea instead.

11. Don't sit eating snacks

As soon as you decide to have a bite to eat, don't do so on the go or in a hurry. Set the table, give yourself a standard portion of food, sit down, and then...eat, savoring every bite.

10. Protein is your friend

It's well known that protein keeps you feeling full for longer. So if you eat more food with a high protein content and less fat for breakfast and lunch, you won't end up overeating at dinner.

9. If you want to work out, do cardio

Cardio is what you need if you intend to work out at the gym. This form of exercise is the most effective when it comes to burning fat because it activates the largest number of muscles.

8. Use a smaller plate

It's been shown that we eat 22% less food if we use a plate that's 5 cm smaller in diameter. All because the food on it disappears faster.

7. Don't call the elevator

A good alternative for those who don't like jogging is to simply take the stairs wherever possible. Going up and down a staircase for a total of 15 minutes can expend 150 calories. If you do this every day, you'll burn 1,050 calories a week.

6. Hold off on the alcohol

Apart from the fact that alcohol stimulates your appetite, it's also full of calories. A glass of wine contains 85 calories, whereas a beer has 150-200 calories. The worst option in this respect are "creamy" cocktails: Baileys is the equivalent of a dessert at 100-327 calories. So if you want to lose weight, drink nonalcoholic beverages.

5. Why refuse a pizza?

Do you feel like eating pizza? Well, why not?! A few slices of vegetarian pizza on a thin base causes less harm than one with pepperoni or other heavy toppings.

4. Popcorn at the cinema

Always remember that apart from caramel, salted, sweet, and cheesy popcorn there's always the original plain flavor to fall back on, and it contains no additives. It is half as fatty as other variants, and it also contains antioxidants and cellulose. If your goal is to lose weight, you can always take some of this kind of popcorn with you to the movies.

3. Go bowling with the family

If you can't bring yourself to go outside to exercise in the winter weather, a great alternative is to go bowling. Two hours of this unhurried game can rid you of 500 calories.

2. Dance until morning

If you're at a party, try lighting up the dance floor rather than standing permanently by the food tables. Just two hours of dancing can burn 650 calories, doing wonders for your hips and behind. And don't forget to drink plenty of water - around 200-300 ml for every 20 minutes of dancing.

1. Spread out your cleaning regime

Do you feel the urge to roll up your sleeves and clean everywhere and everything as soon as your guests have left? Don't rush into it. Do different tasks on different days - today, clean the living room; tomorrow the kitchen; the day after do the bathroom. You've probably heard that just 45 minutes of exercise can have a positive effect on your body. Well, the same principle applies here. You'll burn off a lot more calories if you do some cleaning for 30 minutes a day over several days.

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