15 Exercises That Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy

A lazy eye can be helped at a minimal cost! All you will need is a set of special exercises, a dark room, and 15-20 minutes of free time per day. To start with, enlarge the gif animations shown below, place yourself 1-2 feet away from them, cover your good eye, and follow the exercises. Repeat each of these exercises for 2-3 minutes, twice a day, and you’ll see results quickly.

Bright Side cares about every aspect of our readers’ heath, and this time we are happy to help those who suffer from a lazy eye. Make sure you save this list!

1. Clockwise circle

Concentrate on the red dot and slowly follow its movements with your eye, keeping healthy one covered.

2. Counterclockwise circle

Repeat the same circle movement following the red dot, but counterclockwise this time. Repeat for 2 minutes.

3. Up-and-down

Now it’s time to move your eye up and down, following the straight line. You can also move it from right to left, as an addition to this exercise.

4. Right moving tornado

Following the red dot, move your eye in a spiral-like motion. Notice, that the direction is clockwise.

5. Left moving tornado

Now you need to repeat this movement but the other way around. Imagine that you are drawing a counterclockwise spiral with your eye.

6. Zigzag

Starting from the top left, slowly move your eye down, from left to right. Imagine, you’re drawing a zigzag.

7. Butterfly

Again, starting from the top left, move your eye to the bottom right of the screen, then up to the top right. Continue by moving it to the bottom left and finish at the top left, where you started.

8. Slanted

From the bottom left, move your eye all the way up to the top right and then back. You need to “draw” a slanted line.

9. Wave

Starting from the bottom, follow the red dot and try to “draw” a smooth, curved line with your eye.

10. Infinity

Starting from the middle of the screen, follow the dot’s movements to create an infinity sign shape.

11. Spiral

Now you need to start from the outside and slowly move your eye to the central point. You need to make a spiral shape with your eye.

12. Decreasing circle

This exercise will require you to concentrate on the red dot even more. Follow its movement and try to see how it decreases and increases in size.

13. Downward semicircle

Let your eye draw an imaginary semicircle.

14. Upward semicircle

And now let it draw the second half of the circle.

15. Traveler

Starting from the top left of the picture, slowly move your eye to the top right in a straight line. Repeat exactly the same movement, but starting from the middle and then from the bottom left of the picture.

Do you have your own lazy eye exercises you would like to add to this list? Or do you know other techniques for helping it? Let’s share in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated on September 28, 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies"

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