16 Ways Your Body Shape Can Indicate Health Issues

The human body comes in many shapes and sizes and it may not seem important to know the details of your own body type — you have what you have, after all! But the shape of your body can actually tell you quite a bit about your health and any potential issues you may have. From this article, you will learn how to prevent any possible health problems and to recognize any present ones.

Bright Side has chosen a few different body types to use as examples. Let’s take a look.

1. The square-shaped butt, “H”

The square-shaped butt contains fat that is distributed evenly. This shape could mean that you have a bit too much fat or don’t have strong glutes. Simple core and glute exercises can help you to get rid of that unnecessary fat around the waist.

2. The inverted-shaped butt, “V”

The inverted-shaped bottom is common in women with lower estrogen levels. When estrogen levels decrease, fat starts to move to other parts of the body. In cases like this, it’s important to start removing extra fat in your body to protect your heart. Cardio exercises can help you to get a large amount of fat under control and lower-body work-outs will make your butt fuller and rounder.

3. The round-shaped butt, “O”

A round-shaped bottom shows even fat distribution all around the buttocks. This shape is considered to be the most healthy.

4. The heart-shaped butt, “A”

A heart or pear shape shows significant fat distribution around the upper thighs, indicating that the person is carrying a little excess weight.

5. A body carrying stress

For this body type, fat is concentrated in a person’s mid-section and may be sign of high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Resting and getting enough sleep is always a good idea when combating stress. Complex carbs can usually increase the level of serotonin which can help to lower the cortisol levels — just don’t forget that everything should be done in moderation.

6. A body carrying sugar

Sugar types are bodies that tend to carry excess weight on their hips. When you have too much sugar, your body will produce too much insulin; and if you have too much insulin it will turn into fat. Find some alternative snacks and drinks instead of the sugary ones and be sure to check the labels when shopping for groceries.

7. A body with low estrogen

Estrogen types are bodies that tend to hold their weight around their butt, hips and thighs. This can signify a need for more cruciferous vegetables as they help to lower your estrogen levels thanks to their high phytonutrient levels.

8. A body with low testosterone

Flabby arms could be a sign of low levels of testosterone. This means you need to increase your vitamin D intake, which can be found in fish among other foods. Another way of boosting your Vitamin D levels is by spending more time outdoors since sunlight promotes vitamin D synthesis from cholesterol in the skin.

9. Alcohol belly

Too much alcohol can not only mess with your head and potentially ruin relationships, it can also affect your body. The explanation is very simple — extensive consumption of beer, wine or other drinks prevent your digestion system from working properly. Also keep in mind that alcohol is very high in calories. The solution is quite simple: eat less alcohol and more veggies.

10. A hormonal belly

If you have a hormonal imbalance, you can end up gaining excess fat in the lower part of the stomach in particular. Consulting with a doctor and exploring your options is probably the best solution.

11. A stressed-out belly

Stress often leads to sleepless nights and bad eating habits, so it is not unusual that it affects not only your mental health but physical appearance as well. Being overly stressed-out can lead to gaining fat particularly around the stomach. Try to get enough sleep and focus on a balanced diet to combat these side-effects.

12. A mommy belly

It is absolutely natural for the body to gain weight during pregnancy and store it in the belly after giving birth. Give yourself a bit of time before trying to lose the weight. When you’re ready, getting regular massages, exercising, and eating a balanced diet should do the trick.

13. An apple-shaped body

This type normally carries extra weight around abs. This is called visceral fat and it goes quite deep under the skin and sticks around the organs. This is why apple-shaped people have higher risk of various health issues such as heart problems and diabetes. The solution is having a balanced diet and cardio exercising — both healthy lifestyle habits that should become everyday habits.

14. A rectangle-shaped body

This type has fat evenly distributes throughout the body. Normally people of this type have very fast metabolisms, however, it doesn’t mean that basic rules for a healthy lifestyle should not apply. If they don’t continue to live a healthy lifestyle, they could easily face the same health issues as people with more dangerous body shapes do.

15. A pear-shaped body

This type of body tends to store more weight mainly around hips, butt and thighs. Although it is healthier than having fat store entirely in the abdomen, without weight management, people with pear-shaped bodies may eventually gain the extra weight around waistline and abdomen. The solution to this weight gain is regular cardio exercise, resistance training for the upper body and a balanced diet.

16. An hourglass-shaped body

This type of figure on women considered by many to be the most attractive. The people of this type are lucky to have this shape and only need to worry about not gaining an unhealthy amount of extra weight. Full-body training, such as circuit training along with occasional cardio will certainly help.

Maybe you made some interesting observations based on your own experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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