18 Useful Tips for Those Who Are Considering Visiting a Gym Soon

According to statistics, most people start visiting a gym in January and 80% of them stop their training sessions soon afterward. Some people stop because the high price of the monthly fees, others feel lazy, and others encounter inconveniences like uncomfortable clothes or various infections caught at the gym.

We at Bright Side are not trying to talk you out of being athletic, but we urge you to be more careful in order to not get into the trouble that other people have experienced.

  • You have likely seen many times the faces of those who like fitness on Instagram — beautiful makeup, a nice hairstyle, and stylish sportswear. Keep in mind that makeup is strictly prohibited during a workout. Those who love cosmetics will end up having clogged pores, acne, and irritated skin.

  • Some gyms don’t let visitors wear flip-flops or slippers inside — they are only supposed to be wearing sneakers. As a rule, there is a single reason for this restriction — sportswear protects your feet from damage. Otherwise, you might end up getting a range of traumas starting from slight damage to the connective tissue and ending with a fracture or broken bone.

  • Many people prefer to wear cotton clothing — it’s light, easy to wash, and breathable. However, cotton is actually bad for working out at the gym. You sweat a lot while doing exercises, while cotton absorbs the sweat and holds it. This can make you feel uncomfortable in wet clothes and increase the chances that you’ll catch a cold. It’s a totally different story with synthetic fabric — moisture evaporates fast from these types of fabrics.

  • Regular trainers in gyms ask newcomers to not react negatively to those working out in “glamour” clothes. Oftentimes, it’s the self-conscious people who wear them — they are not trying to show off, they just simply want to feel comfortable.

  • A little lifehack — if your thighs rub when you walk, use Vaseline. Otherwise, you might end up getting calluses after a couple of training sessions.

  • Good athletic clothes must cover your legs and arms. It’s not recommended to workout in open T-shirts or shorts. First of all, you’ll touch the gym equipment with your bare skin — and it might be not that clean. Second, your sweat will stay on the equipment and the next person won’t feel comfortable working out after you. Moreover, you’ll literally stick to this equipment.

  • You also shouldn’t use perfume — deodorant is enough. Since the air in a gym is wet and stuffy, the smell of perfume might cause a headache or allergy in other people.

  • Don’t forget to wipe the gym equipment before and after you use it, with at least a towel. Ideally, this should be done with antibacterial wipes.

  • Be careful with skin lesions. If you have wounds or even scratches, seal them with a waterproof bandage during training.

  • You also shouldn’t touch your face or scratch it. If you scratch your skin, dirt can get into the wound. This situation happened to a Reddit user: a girl scratched her itchy nose while doing cardio and now she is healing it from a bacterial infection.

  • If you need to boost your energy before a workout, you can try drinking black coffee instead of using a special additive that is supposed to give you energy. Besides putting you in a cheerful mood, it will also allow you to burn more calories.

  • Consuming a lot of powdered protein can result in gaining excess weight. If you are not doing intense workouts and don’t plan to grow big muscles, you don’t need this. With low physical activity, all the excess protein from protein powder will turn into to fat instead of muscle.

  • It’s necessary to eat 1-2 hours before training. There should also be a gap of approximately 2 hours between the workout and the next meal.

  • Try to stay away from eating beans before visiting the gym. Though this is a protein-rich food, you might find yourself in an awkward situation. They can cause bloating and flatulence during physical activity.

  • If you’ve started to work out heavily, be ready for delays in menstruation and an irregular cycle.

  • If a woman works out regularly, then the pain during her period decreases, and sometimes even disappears. It is important to understand that this effect is due to frequent, rather than intensive training.

  • If you ignore taking a shower right after your workout, you might spot small rashes and pimples on your butt. They appear due to sweat, dirt, and friction.

  • Most people wash their athletic clothes right after training and that’s the right thing to do. But many people forget about washing their athletic bags. They actually store an enormous amount of dirt and it’s recommended to wash them at least once a week.

Bonus: Women over 30 should be more careful about playing sports.

Jennifer Aniston is 50 years old and she works out 6 times a week for one hour. Salma Hayek is 53 years old and she does sports only when she has free time. The main thing she does is walk her dogs.

It’s impossible to get slim in certain body parts — when you work out intensively, body fat leaves all parts of your body, including your face. Working out is one of the ways to get rid of chubby cheeks and get fashionable, sharp cheekbones.

Unfortunately, not all women are happy with this result. Those who are over 30 should be more careful about training in the gym, otherwise, you might end up speeding up the aging process of your face. This phenomenon even has its own name — gym face.

Tell us whether you go to the gym and why you do it.

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