20+ Awesome Kitchen Gadgets to Fire Up Your Cooking Skills

Kitchen tools come in many different shapes and sizes, but some of them are the perfect combination of convenience and useful design. To make your kitchen an easy place to cook, make sure your appliances are convenient, your sink is clean, and your tools are always handy.

Bright Side gathered 20 amazing kitchen tools that will help you get the most out of your time in the kitchen. Don't overlook these goodies!

A carton box to measure pasta servings

This pasta box helps you see how much pasta to make.

Compact swivel cheese board with knives

It's a great space-saving design idea for the cheese board. This bamboo board can be easily converted into a 4-level wheel for the best food servings.

4 seasons spice shakers

Who says eating can't be fun? You can add any spices – salt, pepper, sugar, crushed red peppers – to change the "ground" of your table's mini-garden.

Marinade-infusing meat tenderizer

This meat tenderizer will help you make the meat tender and add flavor to it at the same time. The steel blades pierce the meat while 3 needles inject your favorite marinade.

Vitamin organizer water bottle

This smart water bottle has a built-in 7-unit pill organizer so you’ll never forget to take your daily medications, even when you’re on the go.

Cupcake batter dispenser

Such a simple, yet convenient baking tool makes it easier for you to measure the amount of batter for your cupcakes, muffins, or pancakes. When you squeeze the handle, the wide mouth opens and pours out the batter.

Cactus mugs

Not a fan of plants? Here's an unusual kitchen tool that will make your room look much more interesting. A cactus-looking stand is designed to hold 4 mugs for your bright mornings.

Corn holders

No more burning your fingers while you eat delicious sweet corn. These corn holders will come in handy at your next BBQ party.

Multifunction microwave oven shelf

Use this plastic shelf to microwave more than one meal and no one will feel left behind while they wait for their food. You can also cover your bowls with it to prevent your microwave oven from getting dirty.

Kitchen tablet holder

The increasing popularity of video and GIF recipes often makes us bring an iPad or a tab to the kitchen to accurately follow the steps. In order to keep your hands free for chopping and slicing, get yourself a quality stand for your tablet that you can use while cooking your favorite dishes.

Roll-up drain rack

A roll-up drain rack is a sink shelf that can also be used as a washing station, a drying rack, and a place to defrost food. Roll it over the sink, use it, and roll it up when you're done. Easy!

Hamburger maker

This burger press creates perfectly formed burgers 4.5 in wide. This hamburger maker set lets you shape, store, and freeze perfect patties every time.

Measurement conversion chart

This is a perfect way to use a measurement chart to decorate your kitchen cupboards and to make the cooking process much easier. You can also use the back of cupboard doors to hang small utensils, chopping boards, spices, and more!

3-in-1 vegetable peeler

This peeler combines several peelers in one handy, compact design. A simple rotation of the mechanism allows you to choose the desired blade.

Orbit oil and vinegar set

This blown glass globe was designed to store oil and vinegar and to make your kitchen table look very fancy.

Reusable silicone covers

Silicone covers envelop freshly cut vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh for the next time.

Yolk-fish egg separator

Made from food-safe silicone, this yolk separator is a very handy kitchen tool. Just squeeze the body of the yolk-fish so that it sucks in the egg yolk. If you don't like fish, there are also yolk-frogs and yolk-pigs.

Multifunctional food knife

A very useful tool for slicing potatoes, vegetables, salad, cheese, and bread. This knife can replace most of your kitchen knives and cutlery since it combines a sharp knife and a chopping board.

Silicone popcorn maker

The idea is simple: fill the recessed cup in the bottom of the popper with up to 5 tbsp of kernels, fold it at the top, and place it in the microwave. It's a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn bags.

Herb infuser

Designed by OTOTO studio, a small herb infuser is a bone-shaped kitchen accessory that helps you easily add any flavor to your soup or stew. Just place the compact container in a pot and continue cooking as usual.

Silicone cups for the perfect poached eggs

You can use them in a pan with boiling water or in a microwave oven. Bright silicone cups allow you to make evenly cooked eggs with intact yolks.

Herb scissors

Herb scissors are yet another way to chop fresh herbs for your meals. No more cuts or uneven pieces. 5 blades work great on basil, thyme, dill, parsley, chives, and mint.

Breakfast station

This station is a perfect combination of all the most necessary appliances in one. If you have a small kitchen, this station will not only save precious space, but also your time.

What are your must-have kitchen tools? Share your opinions in the comments!

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