4 Products That Change Your Face Beyond Recognition

Before you eat another cookie or drink another glass of wine, think about how it will reflect on your looks.

Bright Side would like to show you how to understand which foods you like perhaps too much just by looking at your face.

Wine face

  • Apart from large amounts of sugar, wine sometimes contains pesticides and sulfides, causing alcohol to dehydrate you. Your body loses water, your liver is overloaded, and your digestion may fail the next day, so your skin will look wrinkly, red, and hanging.
  • In the long run, alcohol abuse may disrupt the work of bowel bacteria and cause various diseases.
  • What to do? Give up alcohol for at least 3 weeks. This is ample time for your skin to recover, and then apply the rule of 80:20. This means you allow yourself a glass or two in 20% of cases while refusing in the other 80%.

Milk face

  • Milk added to your coffee or another bowl of ice cream may seriously affect your facial skin color, even if you aren't lactose intolerant. We lose a lot of lactose-metabolizing enzymes with age, and it provokes inflammations all over the body, including the face.
  • If you notice your face becoming swollen and sleepy and your skin wrinkling, give up on all dairy for a few weeks to see the difference in your looks.

Sugar face

  • Sugar affects not only your weight but your skin as well. It accelerates glycation, the process in which excess glucose molecules link with collagen, damaging it and making it rigid. This makes your skin age faster, causes wrinkles to appear, and disrupts pigmentation.
  • The only way to preserve the health of your skin is to cut down on sugar.

Gluten face

  • All these symptoms may signify that your body is incapable of metabolizing gluten, a protein contained in wheat, rye, oats, and barley and drinks based on them (beer, whiskey, vodka, etc.).
  • Check if you have gluten intolerability by excluding the products containing it for 2-3 weeks and watching your skin. If the symptoms persist after 2 weeks, then it's some other kind of tolerability failure, yet you should still cut down on simple carbs and baked foods.
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