4 Reasons Why Going to Sleep Hungry Can Be a Bad Idea

Being hungry has a negative effect on learning and working, and can even cause depression, researchers say. Many still think that going to bed starving is a good idea because it might help you to lose weight. But science has proven otherwise and even noticed more side effects from starving.

We at Bright Side were surprised to learn why it’s bad for you to go to sleep hungry and found reasons that may change your mind too.

1. You can lose muscle mass.

For those who are trying to gain muscle mass, being hungry is a bad choice, according to specialists. You might skip your dinner, but you need nutrients to convert protein into muscle. It’s good to skip late-night cravings, but don’t stress your body out, because it’s always going to be hungry during the evening and at nighttime.

2. You can gain weight.

Yes, it can have the opposite effect. Studies that promote losing weight by not eating before bed are controversial. So, the negative side can be because you skip your meal and then stuff yourself with dinner because you’re so starving. In other words, food becomes twice as tempting and suddenly you’re at risk of stuffing your face. In this case, you’re more likely to gain weight.

The statement that our metabolism is slower at night is controversial and there’s no evidence to support it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat a huge portion just before bed. Eating 2-3 hours before going to sleep is fine, as long as it’s a healthy meal.

3. You may sleep worse.

Most of us have probably experienced going to bed hungry. Your stomach is growling and the only thought you have is whether you can make it until breakfast. In this condition, it takes much more time to fall asleep, so if you want to sleep well, just don’t starve yourself, according to specialists. If you feel hungry, at least have a cucumber and some water, instead of toast, if you’re already going to bed.

4. You can lose your energy.

If you don’t eat, you don’t have any “fuel” to keep you active during the day. This is an old rule. It’s very important to feel good in the morning because we need to go to work and our brain needs to be active. Researchers have noticed that many side effects of starving can be harmful, like fatigue and depression. If we decide to stay hungry the night before and wake up with a loss of energy and in a bad mood, this will be detrimental for you at work.

What are your thoughts about eating before bed? How many hours before going to bed do you try not to eat? Please share your ideas with us!

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