5 Confusing Pains That You Might Mistake for a Toothache, but They Really Aren’t

We know that there can be many reasons for toothaches like cavities, sensitivity, pulpitis, etc. But it turns out that not all toothaches are related to dental issues. Other diseases can cause something called referred pain to appear in the teeth and might make you think you need to visit a dentist. But, unfortunately, this will not always help you. And now you will know why.

We at Bright Side would like to warn you about some conditions where a toothache has nothing in common with bad teeth. Some of them are pretty serious and need your close attention.

1. Jaw problems

Your teeth don’t always hurt and this perceived tooth pain can actually be coming from your jaw. Pain in the teeth can appear with the development of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which also causes lock jaw. Spasms of the jaw muscles occur and problems arise with the opening of the mouth. This can happen because of disc displacement.

2. Sinusitis

This disease causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of one or more sinuses. And maxillary sinuses can create pain and pressure in the upper back teeth, since the roots of these teeth are near the bottom of the sinus. It’s noteworthy that a real toothache can also be confused as pain from sinusitis. Problems with teeth can be also a reason for the development of this illness.

3. Heart problems

Pain in the heart can sometimes be referred to different parts of the body. The left shoulder and arm usually hurt. And it often happens that the pain appears in the lower teeth and jaw. This may be a sign of angina, which in turn is a harbinger of a heart attack. Therefore, if you have healthy teeth, but you feel pain in them, you may want to visit a cardiologist.

4. Salivary stones

Salivary stone disease develops in the duct of one of the salivary glands. When the stone reaches a critical size, it clogs the salivary duct. As a result a toothache can appear and the affected gland may start swelling. In order to check this diagnosis, an X-ray is necessary. You can avoid surgery, if a stone is small.

5. Lung disease

Lung disease can affect the teeth and vice versa. Pain referred to the teeth and jaw is one of the signs of lung cancer. Treating this condition can have a negative effect on your mouth. The disease itself can cause pain when it spreads to areas around the neck and head.

How often do you feel toothaches? Do you know what other diseases have pain that presents in the teeth as a symptom?

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