7 Useless Body Parts You Have for Some Reason

In every moment of our life, we do common actions without thinking of how our body is actually structured.

Bright Side will show you some peculiarities of your body that you never knew about before today.

7. Glabella

Surely, not all of you know that the part of your forehead between the brows is called the glabella. This spot is used to measure skin turgor in patients who are suspected of being dehydrated. You can also check your neurotic reflex with the help of the glabella. You just need to tap the spot between your brows several times: if you start blinking, your reflex is ok.

6. Tragus (catches the sounds from behind)

This small gristle of the external ear plays a very important role in hearing sounds from behind and defining the source of the sound in general. Reflection of sounds to the internal ear makes important frequencies stronger and increases sensitivity as a whole.

5. Span

Many of you have heard the fact, but not all of you know it for sure: your fingers can be used as a measuring instrument. In ancient times, this length measure equaled the distance between a thumb and a pointer. The length of the span varied from 7" to 9".

4. Levator labii superioris

You might notice the lifted part of the upper lip in most photos of the King of Rock'n'Roll. This peculiarity surely became his trademark. The muscle has a very simple name: the upper lip muscle (levator labii superioris). It lifts the upper lip, deepening the nasolabial fold.

3. Lip and tongue frenulum

These small folds are necessary to support the upper lip and the tongue. Thanks to the frenulum, your tongue moves to the desired direction, and its movements are limited. Some people have such a short frenulum that they can hardly speak.

2. Hallux (responsible for balance)

Hallux is another name for a toe. Thanks to it, we preserve our balance when in a vertical position. It goes off the ground with every step and gives support to almost 40% of our weight.

1. Lacrimal caruncle

This part of our body is the only really useless one on this list. Nevertheless, it's interesting to know what a lacrimal caruncle is. Actually, it is a rudiment we received as a present from evolution. The small mucous detail in the corner of the eye is the developed third eyelid of amphibiotic creatures, which the human structure doesn't need.

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